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PAP MP Denise Phua need not apologise as living with pain & regret is punishment enough

PAP MP Denise Phua need not apologise as living with pain & regret is punishment enough

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Singapore no longer has a blame culture, Singaporeans remind her.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who recognise double standards when they see it, are consoling PAP MP Denise Phua.

This after the MP for Jalan Besar GRC apologised on Facebook to foreign workers for labelling them as “walking time-bombs”

One Singaporean, Dui Bu Qi, said the PAP MP did not have to show such contrition in the face of public backlash and most certainly did not have to say sorry: “PAP MP Denise Phua need not apologise.”

“This is because the pain and regret she has to live with is punishment enough.”

“Moreover, Singapore does not have a ‘blame’ culture now, only a ‘learn’ culture.”

However, other Singaporeans who felt even more strongly that it is not PAP MP Denise Phua’s fault have apologised to her instead.

One other local, Dao Qian, said: “Although Singapore no longer has a blame culture, it is still my fault because I am just a regular Singaporean and not part of the PAP establishment.”

“Therefore, I humbly apologise to PAP MP Denise Phua and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong for causing the Hep C outbreak at Singapore General Hospital.”

“And I also apologise to Khaw Boon Wan.”

“And Lee Hsien Loong.”

If you see Majulahs everywhere, you are a real Singaporean.

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Minister spotted shopping at NTUC

Minister spotted shopping at NTUC

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You wouldn’t believe what happened next

The internet is still reeling from shock

The internet is still reeling from shock

Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for Defence and prime minister designate Chan Chun Sing was spotted shopping alone at NTUC on Sunday morning, much to the shock of netizens in Singapore.

This shocking news was posted on the Facebook page of Denise Phua Lay Peng, a PAP MP who is not Chan’s GRC teammate. As such, it is safe to say that she does not have a vested interest in promoting Chan as not one of those super atas MPs who go into politics for money.

Which means she was genuinely shocked that a minister would shop at NTUC for groceries.

More shock from Denise Phua's Facebook page

More shock from Denise Phua’s Facebook page

“I thought all Ministers got their maids to do grocery shopping for them one. Or they shop at Marketplace in CBD,” exclaimed future voter Goh Show Peng who declared her allegiance to the humble minister.

However, not all netizens were impressed with this apparent display of humility.

“If he really want to be blue collar, go shop at Sheng Siong lah,” said supermarket shopper Da Jian Jia.

New Nation writes to MP Denise Phua

New Nation writes to MP Denise Phua

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Dear Ms Phua,

I am Terence, editor for newnation.sg, a brand new online magazine for young adults covering current affairs, personal finance, and lifestyle.

Recently, a Singaporean, writing under a pseudonym, described on our website his experiences as an autistic person, which were, how shall we say, rather pessimistic.

The article can be read here: http://newnation.sg/2011/01/like-%E2%80%98hell-on-earth%E2%80%99/, and has generated a good discussion.

As a non-autistic, it is an education for me to peek into the life of an autistic Singaporean, and I do wonder if the situation is as grim as it seems?

As such, I hope you will seriously consider contributing a letter to our website to address ‘Aaron’ and the issues he face. You may want to highlight some avenues that are out there for autistic people.

I note your previous comment that 85% of comments online are anti-PAP, but I would like to assure you at newnation.sg, we have a balanced approach towards online engagement.

Our humble website is new, but it has drawn an average of 200 unique visitors a day for the past two weeks.

Your letter would provide some much-needed balance to an online discourse that is decidedly skewed against the government. I’m sure our readers will appreciate your response.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Terence Lee
Editor, Newnation.sg