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Singaporeans create smartphone-controlled vibrator

Singaporeans create smartphone-controlled vibrator

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Distance no longer a barrier because buzz to your love life is restored with Vibease.

Yup, that is a bunny. (Photo from Vibease Facebook)

Vibease. This is the name of the latest sex toy invention that allows a vibrator to be remote-controlled using a smartphone app.

That means that lovers worlds apart can still keep the good vibrations going. As long as you can get a signal and get online.

And the girl has got the bunny on her *whistle*.

And “Vibease” is a word that you get when you combine “vibrator” and “tease”.

Or “vibrator” and “disease”. (Editor’s note: This assumption is absolutely wrong. “Vibease” actually comes from “vibe” and “ease”, as confirmed by the product’s inventors. Hey, we’re the bronze standard in journalism, remember?)

But whatever.

So yes, if this is news to you and you’re getting swell and moist thinking about it, you should know that Vibease was conceptualised two years ago by two Singaporeans.

Ok, that’s actually only half true. It was conceptualised by two Singaporean permanent residents to be exact.

Who are they?

Dema on the left. And Steven on the right. (Screen shot from Tech in Asia interview.)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dema Tio and Steven Kik, both 34 years old and possibly quite cheeky and originally Indonesian and Malaysian respectively, in fact.

I mean who would actually come up with something like Vibease, which is a vibrator controlled by a phone app?

Well, it was born out of the realisation and personal experience that couples these days are off to different parts of the world due to work.

It sounds kind of creepy and sweet at the same time, but when Dema was posted to the US for three months barely into his first year of marriage, he thought about satisfying his wife’s need for intimacy from afar.

He broached the idea. She was sceptical at first but tried it out. And they still have a go at it every time they are apart now.

Not to be left out, Steven has also used the device before. With his own wife, of course.

And the duo have provided samples to 16 friends to try it out and they have provided positive feedback.

Pre-orders for Vibease have already come from Singapore, Japan and the US in the past month.

The going rate currently is S$100.

The first shipment is expected in July.

To promote their invention and receive funding, Dema and Steven have showcased Vibease at Launch Conference in San Francisco earlier this month and Startup Asia in Singapore last month.

And to show that the duo have got really good vibes about this invention, Dema quit his job as a senior software engineer in February last year to focus his energy on it.

Steven left his job in May in that same year.

However, currently, no investor has been rattled enough to step forward.

But if you don’t think it’s awkward, you can Like them on Facebook here.

You might just win one free-of-charge.