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Felicia Chin heeds Khaw Boon Wan’s advice, quits NUS

Felicia Chin heeds Khaw Boon Wan’s advice, quits NUS

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Her exit motivates thousands of NUS males to follow suit.


Thousands of males from NUS have tendered their resignation to the dean to quit their studies.

This after sexually-attractive female thespian Felicia Chin announced her decision to quit NUS to go back to MediaCorp, where she would prance around for the camera once more having left three years ago to go to university to expand her intellect.

But apparently, her intellect has expanded enough.

Felicia Chin is believed to have heeded Khaw Boon Wan’s advice, where the minister for national development said a few weeks ago that a degree is useless and cannot be eaten.

Felicia Chin’s exit has been praised by many as a move in the right direction.

One Singaporean male and soon-to-be ex-undergrad of NUS, Mai Tak Chek, said: “A degree is useless in this day and age. PM Lee and Khaw Boon Wan also say so.”

Others share this sentiment too.

Another soon to be ex-NUS undergrad, Mai Tak Liao said: “What you need is brand power, a nice smile and sexual attractiveness to make it big. A degree from NUS would signal that you are ugly, that’s why you need to study hard to make it in life.”