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PM believing 19-year-old can pull off plot to kill him signals his security officers need to address his emotional insecurities

PM believing 19-year-old can pull off plot to kill him signals his security officers need to address his emotional insecurities

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More affirmation and signs of affection needed from SOs.


Reiterating how Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong needs to sit his security officers down one by one to have heart-to-heart chats with them, relationship counsellors said the recent revelation by the PM that he seriously believes a plot by a 19-year-old to kill him can actually be pulled off shows more can be done by those close to and tasked with protecting his mortal health to address his emotional insecurities.

“For the prime minister to come out openly to inform the public about his private concerns and rationalising that he believes a 19-year-old is capable of carrying out a plot to take his life,” Tan Gan Qing, a relationship counsellor said, “shows he is insecure and emotionally unfulfilled, besides letting his imagination run wild, and is looking to re-examine his relationship with his security officers because he doesn’t ‘feel’ them.”

“There is no doubt his team of security officers are the best in this country. Therefore, what he is saying is not that the team protecting him round the clock 24/7 can’t really take one for him and he is feeling a tad sad about that.”

Tan continued: “If we are really making the effort to listen to what he is trying to tell us, PM Lee is not fearing for his life. This is a man who is speaking from a place where he feels emotionally empty and he is not connecting on a psychic level with his staff.”

To mend this bond that has been broken, relationship counsellors said the prime minister should initiate casual dinners with his security personnel one-on-one to get to know them better after office hours and connect with them on more than one level.

And to feel that things have not taken an awkward turn, both parties should not treat each other like professionals round the clock, as this creates an extraordinarily cordial environment that serves as an inhibition to spontaneous gestures and small talk, besides prohibiting genuine displays of affection.

“A simple gesture such as asking about one’s family or if they are thinking of taking up baking or Zumba can really break the ice and make one person more comfortable in the other’s presence,” Tan explained.

“There’s no need to always chat about cerebral issues. Shoot the breeze and talk about nothing in particular.”

At press time, the prime minister is seen speaking to his security officers about his plan to take up computer coding again and launching more open source programmes once he is retired from politics, but sources familiar with the situation report that there is hardly any eye contact between him and his staffers as they find it hard to carry on a conversation about this obscurantist topic that is a bit hard to talk about.


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