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S’pore to ban cricket indefinitely

S’pore to ban cricket indefinitely

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Brawl breaks out in dormitory as foreign workers fought over Bangladesh vs West Indies match.


Singapore has announced that cricket will be banned indefinitely from the island-state.

This after 13 foreign workers who were watching a televised cricket match between Bangladesh and West Indies on March 25 at a Kaki Bukit dormitory were arrested as they decided to fight instead.

The brawl occurred close to midnight and the men are believed to be from India and Bangladesh.

A Singapore authority interviewed said it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that cricket is banned as it can spark widespread unrest if left unchecked.

Lai Shio Pah, an authority, said: “It is imperative that the government act decisively by banning cricket completely.”

“In fact, the government should go one step further and ban both the cricket sport and cricket insect, as the word itself can cause men to go berserk.”