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S’pore lauded for providing world class dormitory living

S’pore lauded for providing world class dormitory living

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International experts praise Muji-style, multi-functionality spaces.

An example of Muji-styled, world-class dormitory living

An example of Muji-styled, world-class dormitory living. Photo stolen from Publichouse.sg.

Two construction workers who were jailed last week for scaling tower cranes to protest their wages and poor living conditions are having their claims refuted by an independent international panel of experts on dormitory living, besides the Ministry of Manpower.

The Dormitory Investigators-Cum-Keepers (DICK), who are backing the MOM’s assertions that the workers made false claims, said Singapore should instead be applauded for providing world class dormitories that fuse Muji-style functionality with multi-purpose designs.

For example, the bed frame doubles up as a clothes rack, providing easy access and convenience.

The rice cooker and kettle are placed side by side so that the workers can eat rice and drink hot water at the same time.

To keep the workers on the their toes, the power socket is attached to the bed frame so that it is within stretching distance when they wake up in the morning.

For health reasons, the mosquito netting ensures that Aedes mosquitoes are safe from the dormitory inhabitants.

Plus, there is no place to put any additional belongings, such as luggage or miscellaneous items on cupboards, because it is assumed the China workers wouldn’t have any material possessions anyways.

The pail for washing and the detergent are put on the floor to demonstrate that security is high, as it will prove that no one will steal anything that is not worth anything.