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S’poreans fed up with CPIB

S’poreans fed up with CPIB

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Stop wasting taxpayers’ money, they say.

If FML had a countenance, this is it.

If FML had a countenance, this is it.

Singaporeans are increasingly incensed by the handling of all the sex-for-something corruption cases by CPIB recently, an interview with 3412 Singaporeans on the street by New Nation revealed.

This comes after testimony in court accusing the CPIB of doing almost everything necessary to secure a confession.

Those interviewed said the CPIB actually look like they are practising alchemy: Trying to make something more than what exists.

Moreover, after the failure to convict ex-CNB chief Ng Boon Gay following a lengthy public circus of a trial, Singaporeans now see the sex-for-grades case involving an NUS law professor and his student as a repeat of the previous case.

Except without any damning evidence that is potentially incriminating for the accused.

One Singaporean, Luan Luan Lai, said: “It is really not difficult at all to prove corruption in this sex-for-grades case. We’ve ascertained that the prof and student had sex. But he didn’t even give her good grades in the end what. So where got corruption?”

“They fell for each other and, therefore, it is a case about true, forbidden love. Full-stop. The end.”

Another concern raised by Singaporeans is the cost of such cases to taxpayers.

Another Singaporean, Lang Fei Qian, said: “Now Groupon got sell court case deal ah? More cases means cheaper ah?”

She apparently only got a B grade. So does it mean the professor is innocent because it clearly wasn't about giving her a good grade?

She apparently only got a B grade. So does it mean the professor is innocent because it clearly wasn’t about giving her a good grade?

Cecilia Sue to star in Channel 8 drama

Cecilia Sue to star in Channel 8 drama

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Key prosecution witness Cecilia Sue has left the witness stand, leaving behind a trail of sleazy sexcapade stories and a larger group of horny men fantasising about getting blowjobs from an office lady in the driver’s seat.

Cecilia Sue arrived at the Subordinate Courts on Monday. By 7.15am, a queue of kaypoh people had formed outside the court. From ST PHOTOS: WONG KWAI CHOW

“I hear that I might be sued for giving false statements to the court and to CPIB, so when Mediacorp asked if I would be willing to star in their next courtroom drama called ‘Do you DIY?’, I was more then enthusiastic at the prospect of another income revenue,” Sue said. She was unwilling to disclose her full renumeration package but revealed that it was “definitely more” than scoring ten more deals with former Central Narcotics Bureau chief Ng Boon Gay.

Based loosely upon Sue’s life, the 12-episode television series features a middle aged IT saleswoman struggling to achieve her sales targets, and falls in love with a married government official (played by Tay Ping Hui) during a period of intense stress and vulnerability.

One of the key selling points of the drama are the sexts between the two protagonists in the drama. Some examples of the racy messages that will be read out by Sue in a breathless, racy voice include:

“Baby, you can upload your data via my back door ;)”

“My server is overheated and turned on. Can come help?”

“The system fan stopped blowing. How? How? How?”

“The series will be accompanied by more soft porno scenes that could not be included in the main series due to restrictions on obscenity. These will be uploaded to Xinmsn to boost the site’s flagging readership. Soon maybe we’ll overtake STOMP in terms of popularity,” said Mediacorp spokesperson Dian See Kee.

The enterprising Sue also has more plans underway to make use of her notoriety. She plans to release a tell-all memoirs next year detailing the treacherous world of IT sales, and is in the midst of co-publishing a guidebook on blowjobs with celebrity Holly Jean.

“I was not wrong in doing what I did,” maintained Sue. “All salespeople use their mouths to make a living, and so did I. I’m just a normal working woman with a family to feed. I never abused my position as a salesperson, but Ng did, in his position as CNB head. So I don’t understand why the media is all over me when they should be after him instead.