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To be or not to be sexy

To be or not to be sexy

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Lifestyle choices for the young, affluent generation can be boiled down to two attributes: “Is this sexy or unsexy?”

By Amanda Zhang

Everyone can be sexy. Photo: SINSONG / Creative Commons

BINARIES like right or wrong, justified or not, are so yesteryear.

These days, it’s about being sexy.

Mind you, being sexy isn’t just about sex. Neither is it solely about physical aesthetics of a person or object.

It’s involves self-worth, appeal and overall attractiveness.

I’ve worked for three years and have seen my peers evolve from Havaianas-loving students, to aspiring cosmopolitans.

I have a theory to prove so if you are a yuppie, try this experiment.

Look at the various items or attributes you have and decide whether it is sexy or not.

I-phone…sexy. Aldo shoes…sexy. Bata socks…eww unsexy. Branded bag…sexy. Cheap earrings…unsexy. Fake angmoh accent…oooh very sexy.

Sooner or later, you’ll realise you’re trying to max out the sex appeal from head to toe.

We buy an expensive dress to match an expensive bag. We buy an expensive pair of shoes to match the expensive dress. Eventually, we’ll buy expensive accessories to complete the look.

Once ‘sexy’ has become mainstream, the population has recently upped its game, especially those who can afford it. We are all setting a new high in terms of lifestyle choices.

People are opting for expensive getaways instead of a weekend chalet at Changi.

If they want to watch soccer, they rather hang out at a pub than go to the coffeeshop.

If they want to eat noodles, it’s ramen and not ‘ba chor mee’.

In general, people I know in their 20s or 30s are usually living or trying to live the high life.

It’s as though the world is evolving into a homogenous society where people buy the same things, do the same things and even say
the same things.

Just throw a stone, and you’ll probably hit a lady who’s carrying a Coach bag and the stone will most likely bounce off and hit another
lady who’s carrying an identical bag!

Look at it this way: Being ‘unsexy’ may be the alternative and less expensive lifestyle choice.

We’ll be unique with a bit more spare change in your pocket. We won’t have to splurge to stand out in a crowd along Orchard Road.

Perhaps we need to rethink the word “sexy”.

Will you describe a guy with a toned body or a geek who quotes Sophocles as sexy? Or is it too one-dimensional to ascertain a person’s ‘sexiness’ by judging them on just one aspect?

Actually, the word “sexy” can be overrated. Sex appeal is diluted these days with a saturation of stereotypically ‘sexy’ males and females in the mass media.

On a day-to-day basis, I’ve seen revealing clothes on some people that should never see the light of day. To think exposed skin has become such an invaluable commodity!

In the face of increasing materialism, vanity and capitalism, there’s only one way left to eke out an existence for ourselves.

We are the best commodity we have.

Being ourselves and grooming the most attractive and unique qualities we possess is sexier than brands, luxury items or the latest trends.

Once we rid ourselves of the desire to be mainstream, sexiness becomes much more achievable.

Oh wait. “Achievable” is such an unsexy word.

Sexiness will come naturally.

Now that’s sexy.