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Singapore Press Holdings draws first blood

Singapore Press Holdings draws first blood

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Evidence of plagiarism claims gets airing in court of public opinion to swing tide against Yahoo!.

With the law suit yet to be fought in the court of law, guess what Singapore Press Holdings did?

They have taken the initiative by presenting its case against Yahoo! for copyright infringement to the court of public opinion.

Previously, a month ago, SPH had claimed that 23 articles from its newspapers were allegedly reproduced substantially on Yahoo! Southeast Asia’s websites over a 12-month period.

But no details regarding the exact articles were revealed, except that they included political and crime stories that were first published in the print editions of the Straits Times, The New Paper and My Paper.

However, on Wednesday, SPH up the ante by providing a side-by-side comparison of one such article it deemed Yahoo! had plagiarised.

Not only that, SPH also issued a statement saying Yahoo! had obtained a ‘free ride’ by reproducing its news content on its website without the company’s permission.

SPH also refuted counter-claims by Yahoo! that its full-of-shit, monkey-assed website Stomp had breached any copyright for reposting two Yahoo! articles between Oct. 26 and 28 this year.

SPH’s supposedly clever defence? They are claiming ignorance as they had no knowledge that Yahoo!’s articles were being posted in Stomp by third parties.

Stomp, you see, is primarily operated by faceless impotent voyeurs and relies on nincompoop-generated content.

Below is the side-by-side comparison of the report published in The Straits Times on Feb 1 this year, under the headline ‘Drink driving ‘obituary’ gets run down’, as well as the version published by Yahoo! Singapore the same day, with the headline ‘Drink driving ad receives flak for being ‘too obvious”.

Perhaps with Yahoo!’s counter-claims threatening to derail SPH’s case, the traditional media company is going on the offensive by getting the public to see things from their point-of-view – like how they got the public to gain a perspective of T.T. Durai and the National Kidney Foundation in July 2005 through their reporting.