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Punters look to Channel News Asia for lucky lottery numbers

Punters look to Channel News Asia for lucky lottery numbers

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Punters learn of how seven pro-PAP supporters were picked for forum by pure chance, joss sticks and paper burnt for broadcaster.

Punters give offerings to Channel News Asia to bestow some of the broadcaster’s luck on them.

Channel News Asia, the fairest broadcaster in the universe, has come out publicly to clarify that they did not intentionally pick up to seven pro-PAP supporters to attend the Conversation with PM Lee forum held on Sept. 14, where a total of 50 participants were invited.

It was, really, a matter of pure dumb luck.

Initially, after the forum was televised, people inside the Internet were accusing CNA of rigging the selection of the 50-member audience, as it was discovered that several of the participants were PAP members and supporters.

However, since this news of random selection resulting in pro-PAP supporters to be chosen came to light to debunk the rigging allegations, lottery punters have started to burn joss sticks and joss paper to CNA as early as last evening to seek guidance and luck from them for 4D and Toto numbers selection.

The punters believe that Lady Luck is beaming down upon the broadcaster, and the good fortune can and should be shared around.

After joss sticks and paper were offered to the broadcaster yesterday afternoon, more than two dozen people who acted early to identify CNA’s lucky charms have claimed to have struck top prize on Sept. 19, this Wednesday’s 4D lottery draw.

Lai Phua Keeow, who has been barred from entering Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, said while setting fire to the joss paper burning bin: “Channel News Asia is my new guan yin ma and tua peh kong! Imagine if she can pick seven out of 45 Toto numbers! Huat ah!”

As of now, CNA claims that they have no plans to branch out into lottery number selection business. Yet.

This is due to tough competition posed by Tan Kin Lian, who has developed his own 4D number selection app.