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Mentos, The Freshmaker, wants S’poreans to copulate

Mentos, The Freshmaker, wants S’poreans to copulate

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Newly released video to cause more children, greater debt for parents.

Mentos, The Freshmaker, has released a video titled “Mentos National Night” in line with Singapore’s Aug. 9 National Day.

Calling the celebrations during National Day evening as “National Night”, the video wants Singaporeans to perform their “civic duty” by having sexy times after a culmination of passion and patriotism.

The chorus of the song goes: “It’s National Night/ Yeah/ So let’s make fireworks ignite.”

If it comes to pass, many Singaporean parents will be saddled with debt and children in nine months’ time.

The song also refers to a woman’s body as an electrical appliance, which will draw the ire of AWARE Singapore:

Industry insiders claim that Durex, The Sexmaker, is expected to hit back at The Freshmaker for this marketing stunt as this might cause a dip in their latex sales.

The song, however, has gone down well with Catholics, who frown on the use of contraceptives and the belief that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

Lady Gaga must learn from Christian singing legend Eric Moo

Lady Gaga must learn from Christian singing legend Eric Moo

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The same irate reader explains why.

Read her previous letter to us from yesterday.

Dear New Nation Editors,

I watched in absolute horror at some of the photos from The Lady Gaga’s Indoor Stadium concert last night published on this website called The Yahoo! that is found inside another website called The Facebook.

Looking at the photos, I cannot imagine the amounts of eroticism and sexually-charged displays of sex that must have happened that prompted some individuals to take drastic precautions to protect themselves:

As you can see for yourself, these pictures above show two very conservative women concert-goers, who are desperately trying to protect their modesty and virginity from being taken away by the evil Western influence of drugs and promiscuity.

Look for yourselves. To go to The Lady Gaga concert, they chose to wrap their bodies with contraceptives, with one of them even saying “Caution Do Not Enter”.

I cannot imagine how my young son survived a concert like that by himself.

But I was, nevertheless, heartened to find out from The Facebook that he eventually didn’t go with that Aaron boy.

I found out that my son went with two older men instead, who are quite buff and must definitely have been able to protect my son from bad influences.

I remember their names as Chip and Dale from their profiles, or something like that.

Nonetheless, I am still very angry about how our authorities and PM Lee are not intervening to stop the next two The Lady Gaga shows.

But I don’t want to care too much about The Lady Gaga. Only by not caring, can I become more convinced I am right.

However, I must also tell you this: I am actually truly more angry about the Eric Moo concert that I went to on May 27 held at the Suntec Convention Centre Hall.

He is my idol, which is why everybody who pay money to go watch Eric Moo knows for certain, like me, that he has been a Christian since 2007 and Jesus cured him of his smoking addiction.

He will definitely sing only Christian songs from now on because his beliefs gave him his voice back.

So imagine this: I paid a grand total of $28 for one ticket and I only got to listen to four Christian songs by Eric Moo that night!

As you can see, the concert organisers, FlyerVision Entertainment are feeling the heat from other concert-goers since Sunday, who are now asking for a refund:

They, like me, are also not happy that there was not enough Christian songs from Eric Moo that night!

This has even prompted Flyervision Entertainment to issue a hasty reply on The Facebook, at 4 a.m. in the morning, explaining why the concert was too secular:

I say, serve the Flyervision Entertainment right!

They should have allowed Eric Moo to sing more Christian songs.

Or else, we will have more bad influences like The Lady Gaga because I don’t remember any concert-goers wearing contraceptives to Eric Moo’s show.

Yours faithfully,
Conservative Nazi

In Ancient Rome, infanticide common for family planning

In Ancient Rome, infanticide common for family planning

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Condoms and reliable contraceptives didn’t exist in the Roman World. So families left babies out in the cold.

By Terence Lee

This baby has no idea how lucky she is. Photo: ECohen

If you think abortion is bad, then prepared to be horrified: Killing babies was probably a common way the Ancient Romans kept their family size in check. This verifies what many sex educators have been saying to going-at-it couples — the withdrawal method doesn’t work.

So, what led historians to this finding? To keep the long story short: A collection of babies’ bones were excavated in 1912 in the English countryside. An archaeologist dates the bones to be 1,800 years old, coinciding with the era England was a part of the Roman Empire. Read the full story