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Condolences from rest of the world pour in to S’pore after Singtel Internet passed away

Condolences from rest of the world pour in to S’pore after Singtel Internet passed away

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Not sure how long it will take for Singapore to rebuild.


Hundreds of countries around the world, that provide for citizens of all nationalities from all walks of life, have sent their condolences to Singapore.

This after it was announced that the Singtel broadband Internet passed away suddenly on Dec. 3, 2016.

The devastating effects of the void left behind by Singtel broadband Internet’s passing is expected to be felt by the next several generations of Singaporeans.

The United Nations is expected to call an emergency meeting to help Singapore deal with the fallout from this sudden demise of the Internet in a country that prides itself for having First World infrastructure.

Surrounding countries in the Southeast Asia region are also gearing up for an influx of refugees expected to hit their coastlines, as the dense population in Singapore are evacuating by sea and over land, in search of a better WiFi signal.

Countries likely to absorb the massive outflow of refugees include Malaysia and Batam.

Emergency rations from around the world have been deployed to help the island republic avert a humanitarian crisis of a scale not seen in the last 50 years, during a time when there was really no such thing as the Internet.

Aid workers worldwide are worried the situation might deteriorate further and are expediting the process for refugees to be granted asylum status.

A spokesperson for the Unicef peacekeeping force, re-iterated it is not entirely up to the regional neighbours to absorb Singaporeans who are fleeing.

Er Sai Lam, a former peacekeeper who has toured Afghanistan and Iraq, said: “It is up to the digital natives in Singapore to adapt to the conditions of the surrounding countries.”

“As new immigrants, some of these Singaporeans would have to give up their past accounts and re-look into how to build up a following on new social media platforms.”

“For example, surrounding countries might not have broadband speeds that are as fast as Singapore’s, which will rule out rampant Snapchat usage.”

“Social media platforms such as Instagram, which are photo heavy, might not work as well.”

“Singaporeans might need to become more text-reliant instead and get used to many of the unheard of social media platforms favoured by natives in the region.”

“They would also have to compete head-on to acquire a following that easily dwarfs the type of following they can get in Singapore.”

“50,000 followers might be a big thing in Singapore, but we’re looking at two to three million followers in places such as Indonesia and Thailand.”