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4 British men returning to S’pore 75 years after Japanese Occupation

4 British men returning to S’pore 75 years after Japanese Occupation

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They are singing for forgiveness.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who accept apologies no matter how late as it is better than never, are going to forgive Britain for the debacle over leaving Singapore for dead during World War II resulting in the Japanese Occupation that lasted more than three years.

This after they felt they would feel better after witnessing four British blokes prancing around on stage in the Sports Hub on March 31 and April 1, as they seek hard to entertain Singaporeans, who will then accept the quartet’s display as a form of contrition and apology for Britain’s failure to uphold their side of the bargain and the world order some seven decades ago.

One Singaporean, Jit Poon Kwee, said she is still sore about the 1942 defeat when the British pulled out of Singapore faster than when someone pulls out to avoid pregnancy: “We shall accept the music and performance as a form of regret and apology at the failure of Allied resistance despite possessing overwhelming manpower to face the war-weary invading Imperial Japanese Army head-on, travelling across the Causeway on bicycles.”

“We hope this four British men will help Singaporeans put the past behind us and mark the start of better bilateral relations, as we observe the beginning of a new era between a former colonial power and its ex-underling.”

However, other locals said the cowardice of the British should not be overlooked.

Another local, Chew Kua, said: “I will watch the concert knowing that these men are our ex-colonial overlords and a reminder of what empire builders looked like, and now look at them, they have to sing for their dinner.”

“They have to grovel just to get me to buy a ticket.”

At press time, 100,000 people in Singapore have taken pity on the four British men and dispensed with some money to purchase a ticket so all four of them need not go hungry and wondering where their next meal will come from.