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Phase one

Phase one

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Fang Shihan

It’s Christmas eve and I’m sitting at the dinner table fiddling around with css code. Poor poor arts graduate. Boohoo.

So they say, a blog template is supposed to be the least of your problems…NOT! Then again, we’re not really creating a blog, we’re creating an online magazine here, which brings alot more internal infrastructure problems. Took me a day to create guidelines on how to file photos, for example. If we don’t set the ground rules right, it’ll be a pain to search through 1000 photos every time we need to post an article.

I’m thinking of going for a wordpress conference in Bandung next year:
http://wordcampindonesia.com/ just to not feel so stupid whenever I can’t fix stuff.

But bitching aside, we do need some help with the tech side of things. Interested in being part of a young, crazy workaholic team that aims to create the first commercial online magazine in Singapore geared towards current affairs? We’re looking for people who have one or more of the following:

1) Knowledge of wordpress
2) Knowledge of .css code
3) Expertise in cloud computing
4) A creative flair in web design

Look for us. Money is negotiable, but we assure you, once you’re in it, you know it’ll be for more than just the money.

[p.s. as you can see, even the thumbnail isn’t loading properly. Poor geek’s head got lopped off at the top.]