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Roy Ngerng behaving like S’pore Govt: Quick to collect money, slow to pay up

Roy Ngerng behaving like S’pore Govt: Quick to collect money, slow to pay up

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CPF blogger missed two deadlines to pay the prime minister court costs even when he had the funds.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who contribute to CPF agree that blogger Roy Ngerng is behaving more and more like the PAP.

This after Ngerng missed two deadlines before paying S$29,000 in costs to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Feb. 6, 2015.

The High Court had ordered Ngerng last month to pay Lee S$29,000 in total costs for court proceedings up until the summary judgment issued in November.

The previous deadlines were Jan. 29 and Feb. 2.

Singaporeans who heard about the missed deadlines said Ngerng’s actions are becoming more and more like the Singapore government.

One local, Kong Chee Kim, said: “Roy Ngerng collect money very fast, ask people donate and take all put inside the bank very fast.”

“But when it comes to paying out, very slow, like the government, a lot of red tape. Everything must wait one or two months to credit back to the rightful owner.”

Other Singaporeans agreed that the comparison is accurate.

Gong Ji Jing, another Singaporean, said: “Roy Ngerng is like PAP. Giro, CPF, ERP and conservancy fees all must collect on the dot, deduct money instantaneously. But when they need to credit back and reimburse citizens, they will take their own sweet time, dilly dally and it will be carried out very slowly.”

“Now Roy Ngerng has become the very thing he set out to fight.”


CPF blogger is like the government:

PM Lee contemplates dropping lawsuit to leave CPF blogger with $70,000 administrative headache

Blogger to pay $5,000 in damages in monthly payouts of $50, after PM Lee turns 65



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