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Hatched Godzilla egg found to be cause of Circle Line MRT train breakdowns

Hatched Godzilla egg found to be cause of Circle Line MRT train breakdowns

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Local engineers glad they have found the source of the problem.


Engineers in Singapore from that particular walk of life, who have to deal with MRT breakdowns all the time because such issues are increasingly rampant, have isolated the cause of the problems of the Circle Line MRT.

This after the Circle Line MRT kept breaking down for consecutive days in a row, leaving commuters angry and authorities baffled.

However, the cause of the service breakdowns, they have found out, was due to a radioactive hatched Godzilla egg discovered to be residing along the tracks between Lorong Chuan and Serangoon.

The radioactive decay due to the hatched egg emitting radiation, which included alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays and conversion electrons, was what was interrupting with train signals leading to breakdowns.

One engineer, Jing Kiang, said: “We would see the frequency of breakdowns along the Circle Line greatly reduced now that the radioactive hatched egg has been removed from the track premises.”

“There shouldn’t be any more interference as we’ve removed the problematic empty shells. All is well now.”

“We mustn’t let our problems define us.”

Singaporeans from all walks of life agreed that things can only get better now that the cause of the breakdowns has been eliminated.

One local, Kan De Kai, said: “Finding out that an empty hatched Godzilla egg is the source of the Circle Line problems is such a relief.”

“And here I am wondering and cursing the authorities, thinking if the Circle Line problems will ever be diagnosed.”

“It is almost as if I can only see the smaller problem instead of the bigger one.”

At press time, it is a matter of time before Godzilla emerges from the depths of the Straits of Johor to bash its way from the north to the south and destroy the CBD Marina Bay district.







S’poreans apologise for taking Circle Line in the morning at the same time

S’poreans apologise for taking Circle Line in the morning at the same time


They sorry.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to take the MRT train because cars are for rich people, are feeling apologetic and sincerely sorry.

This after they caused the Circle Line to break down during morning peak hour as they all went to work and school together at the same time.

One Singaporean, Jin Soh Lee, said he would like to personally apologise to SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek for causing him inconvenience and dealing with this issue so early in the morning: “I’m sorry Desmond Kuek. I caused your MRT system to break down again, especially after you have refused to show up in public to face up to criticism and this incident will no doubt put more pressure on you to take responsibility.”

“So, please forgive me and my fellow commuters for making you work harder to oversee that there are no more train faults even when all of these problems are not your doing.”

Another Singaporean, Gei Ni Qian, went beyond apologising and insisted on doing more on his part to ensure the quality of MRT trains improve: “I would like to donate money to the SMRT CEO to make sure he gets paid more than S$2.2 million as compensation.”

“If we paid more for his salary every year, none of these would have happened.”

“Eh wait…”







Circle Line reliability up as breakdowns happen 5 days in a row instead of unpredictably

Circle Line reliability up as breakdowns happen 5 days in a row instead of unpredictably

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Commuters glad disruptions happen as expected instead of not knowing when the next one might occur.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to take public transport because cars are for rich people, said they are happy that SMRT Circle Line reliability has improved.

This after the same signal fault slowed down Circle Line for the fifth day running on Sept. 2, 2016.

One Singaporean, Didi Pai, said having daily breakdowns will prepare commuters mentally so they know they can count on the train to predictably malfunction: “Yes, I like what SMRT is doing as I can definitely feel MRT reliability improving. I can now expect the MRT system to break down every day instead of second-guessing when it will happen next.”

“However, more has to be done to ensure that the breakdown happens regularly enough because there are still some rare days where the MRT system goes on without a hitch and everything works fine.”

“That’s not ideal.”

MRT operators, SMRT and SBS Transit, have also said they will look into commuters’ feedback to ensure breakdowns are more regular. This is to continue to improve reliability in the occurrence of disruptions that lead to multi-station malfunctions.

One SMRT spokesperson, Gong Jiao Wei, said: “At the present moment, it is hard for us to schedule breakdowns on a timely basis, such as ensuring that it happens every day without fail during a specific time, like during peak hour at 8am in the morning when everyone is rushing to work, for example.”

“But what we can do is to make sure breakdowns can occur within a certain period, for example, between 8am and 10am or between 7pm and 8pm, when it is most packed and more people can be inconvenienced at the same time, which would lead to more news coverage and social media chatter and have a broader impact on public consciousness.”

“If we can keep this up, reliability will definitely improve as Singaporeans will know ahead of time when to avoid taking the trains and make plans for other transport arrangements.”

To make breakdowns happen in a more timely predictable fashion, some steps that SMRT and SBS Transit are expected to take include not taking appropriate measures to change train sleepers on schedule, putting off electrical wiring work to another date thinking it is not urgent, and generally, maintaining a lax system of checks and balances for crucial operating systems.

Both train operators have also said they are aware that while inaction on their part in terms of maintenance is crucial, improving the reliability of daily breakdowns will require working harder at non-transport competencies, such as the redirecting of vital limited resources to other money-making ventures, like providing advertising space in train stations and coming up with more ways to increase rental returns from leased properties.







God confirms Bishan MRT Circle Line blackout is short circuit, not apocalyptic warning

God confirms Bishan MRT Circle Line blackout is short circuit, not apocalyptic warning

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Be not alarmed, my children, He said.


In a bid to soothe the frayed nerves of His creation, God has confirmed that the blackout at Bishan MRT Circle Line on Saturday evening on April 4, 2015, is a power trip and not an apocalyptic warning many thought was issued by Him.

Wary of repeated warning signs signalling The End Times, Singaporeans were initially concerned if the blackout that occurred suddenly at the train station was an ominous message by The Alpha And Omega or just another one of those routine train faults that occur on a daily basis.

One commuter, Yeshu Aini, said she was reaching the train station when she was taken aback by the lack of illumination and swore she saw some angels descent from the second floor to the first: “But turns out those were the technicians who were wearing headlamps and rectifying the power trip, which I mistook to be halos.”

Not that there isn’t fire without smoke.

This blackout follows the Good Friday fire at JEM shopping mall in Jurong East, where the external walls were momentarily engulfed in a blaze, which many have taken to be yet another warning sign by God that he is going to destroy the place.

However, when asked about the latest JEM shopping mall fire, The Lord God Almighty was tight-lipped and refused to confirm or deny it was a sign sent by him, further fuelling speculation the time is about now.

The Maker of the Heavens and the Earth only said: “When it is time, it is time. Be not alarmed, my children.”

“For The Lord works in mysterious ways.”


It is time:

Fire at JEM mall in Jurong East on Good Friday night could be final warning by God

7 signs God is going to destroy JEM mall in Jurong East by end of 2014

S’poreans accept blame for Circle Line rush hour disruption, will commit suicide for lapses

S’poreans accept blame for Circle Line rush hour disruption, will commit suicide for lapses

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It is our fault, they say.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who were taking the Circle Line on March 3, 2015, at 7.30am and causing the train to break down, have taken personal responsibility for the lapses.

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They said they are willing to commit suicide for it as they all went to take the train at the same time causing it to fail.

The disruption caused Serangoon MRT Station to be so crowded with commuters at one point that they were temporarily barred from taking the escalator down to the platform to ease congestion.

One Singaporean, Qu Zi Sah, said he personally wants to take responsibility for the lapses because it is not Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew‘s fault: “I am sorry I went down the escalator even though it was crowded and further caused the train to break down because I went to take it. This is not Minister Lui Tuck Yew’s fault because he didn’t take the train. He drives.”

Other Singaporeans explained it is also not SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek‘s fault either as he did not personally take the train to cause it to break down.

Another Singaporean, Sa Zi Ji, said it is only the right thing to do for Singaporeans to commit suicide to show that they are at fault: “Minister Khaw Boon Wan said we must commit suicide because of lapses.”

“This is the PAP way of doing things.”


Everybody can commit suicide together:

Numerous PAP MPs put on 24-hour suicide watch after Khaw Boon Wan said commit suicide because of lapses

S’poreans apologise to Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew for causing public transport fares to increase again

S’poreans apologise to SMRT for dry humping one another at Lakeside MRT station

S’poreans apologise to SMRT CEO for causing his trains to frequently break down

Circle Line train commuters transported from desert to Arctic and back

Circle Line train commuters transported from desert to Arctic and back

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The two-cent fare increase that coincided with the Circle Line’s opening on Oct. 8 is taking commuters to more places than required.

A Circle Line commuter being transported from the desert to the Arctic on the same day a 1 percent nationally-implemented fare hike kicked in on Oct. 8. Too much travel for a slight increase in price? How bizarre?

Singaporeans are expected to feel the pinch again as fares for buses and trains increased on Oct. 8 by about 1 percent.

This translates into adults paying 2 cents more per ride when using EZ Link stored value cards. (This amount, however, is minuscule compared to the explosive increase in housing prices.)

On the same day of the hike, Singapore’s Circle Line also went into full swing plying 12 stations between Harbourfront and Caldecott.

Commenting on his experience taking the train when it started its commute on Saturday, Samuel Gan, a student, said with a poker face, “The air-con was like malfunctioning, because, like, one moment was like you are in the desert, and suddenly, in the other moment, you are in the Arctic.”

But there were others who wouldn’t let the temperature get to their heads.

Jay Tan, a trainspotter, said he didn’t want to miss the early morning commuting action.

The 23-year-old self-professed trainspotter, a slang for “train enthusiast” who spends his free time watching, riding and getting off (to) public transportation, said: “I am too excited, could not sleep last night. I want to board the first train.”

He is also into public transport voyeurism. Tan said, “I also like to board the bus, take a bus photo at the bus stop, outside the bus interchange, doing bus spotting or trainspotting sometimes. Either the new train or the new buses, I like them very much”.

However, it is unknown how many times Tan was spotted and stopped by counter-terrorism patrol guards for taking photos of buses and trains.

Still on the topic of early morning commute which can sometimes get to people, reporter Dylan Loh who was covering the story, could not resist a shout-out to himself, which can be read in the subtext, as a shout-out to his bosses at Mediacorp for a raise.

Dylan said with a poker face too: “Well, I’m on one of the first trains out and it’s been a smooth journey so far. Very few people on board. I suspect because most would prefer sleeping in on a Saturday morning. But not reporters like me, my hardworking camera crew and, of course, a few train enthusiasts”.

Watch the full interview here:

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