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Chris Ho gets pwned by New Nation

Chris Ho gets pwned by New Nation

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Local DJ no longer Cooler Than You. And he sounded so angry!

You know that shit’s getting real when even local coolmeister Chris Ho gets pwned by New Nation.


Not this Chris Ho:

We’re talking about this one:

chris ho


If he doesn’t look familiar at all, it’s probably because he’s a radio man at Lush 99.5FM.

At New Nation, we’re quite used to people getting pwned, 50% of the time. When a punkee refuses to admit that he cannot tell satire from honest commentary, that’s cool too.

But to call us lame because the satire was pointed at your inner xenophobic self, now that hurts our feelings.

xho 2


xho 3

Yah. We also cannot believe that we once thought you were cool.

I’m going to weep over your music now.