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Staunch Christians to petition name change from ‘Chingay’ to ‘Chinstraight’

Staunch Christians to petition name change from ‘Chingay’ to ‘Chinstraight’

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They are upset original name will cause Singaporeans to deviate.


Staunch Christians in Singapore will be petitioning the authorities to change the name of “Chingay” to “Chingstraight”, in time for next year’s parade.

It is not known if this group of petitioners are all from FCBC, which is led by anti-gay activist, Pastor Lawrence Khong.

Chingay has been Singapore’s annual Chinese New Year procession and it is set to take place on Feb.7 and 8 next year at the F1 Pit Building.

Lei Hoh Moh, a staunch anti-gay advocate, said this is the right time to petition for the name change as next year’s event is slated to be the biggest ever since it started in 1973: “With a bigger audience watching, we are sending a positive message the gay agenda is no more.”

“And I feel violated every time I have to say the word ‘Chingay’. ‘Chingstraight’ feels more pure.”

The same group had previously petitioned authorities to ban people from saying “Hello” when they picked up the phone.

They wanted people to say “Heaven-o” instead, but to no avail.