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Is it our problem that we’re cheap? – China

Is it our problem that we’re cheap? – China

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WTO supports the Middle Kingdom as the EU sucks on its thumb

A shoe factory. We're not sure which garment factory made their uniforms but we're pretty sure they're colour blind.

China on Saturday cheered as a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel rejected anti-dumping measures imposed by the European Union (EU) on leather shoes imported from China.

In other words, WTO agrees with China that it wasn’t selling leather shoes at unfairly cheap prices.

Shen Danyang, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), said China urged the EU to respect the panel’s decision and asked the EU to remove the discriminatory tariffs ASAP.

The MOC spokesman’s remarks came one day after a WTO panel largely backed China in a complaint about EU import tariffs on Chinese footwear.

In the ruling, the WTO panel told the EU to comply with WTO rules when calculating anti-dumping duties. It also said the EU anti-dumping moves had violated WTO law.

Not that it really matters. Whatever discriminatory practices China is accusing the EU of, have effectively expired.

From 1995 to 2005, the EU controversially imposed a 10-year quota restriction on footwear imports from China and began implementing anti-dumping measures against footwear imports from China for two years from October 2006.

After the anti-dumping measures expired in October 2008, the EU started a review of the policies and extended such measures for another 15-month term beginning on December 22, 2009, despite China’s objections.

Earlier this month, the US Commerce Department also determined that steel wheel imports from China were being sold at unfairly low prices. China has yet to complain to the WTO about the U.S.

For more on which Chinese goods are pissing the developed world off, read this.

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