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Check out this tribute to Lee Kuan Yew: Chia Thye Poh written in red in font size 200

Check out this tribute to Lee Kuan Yew: Chia Thye Poh written in red in font size 200
















Underaged boys ‘disappointed’ with local filmmaker’s latest showing

Underaged boys ‘disappointed’ with local filmmaker’s latest showing

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When Aaron Lim decided to click watch the latest local video to get hit by the NC16 rating, he expected much more.

“C*eebye, where are the tits????!!!!!!”, he said over fluent singlish to New Nation.

Describing his boredom on the clip, a 15 minute video produced by Martyn See documenting Dr Chia Thye Poh’s first public appearance since his release in 1998, Aaron said that he was ‘disappointed’ at the ratings given by the Media Development Authority (MDA).

According to MDA regulations, a movie rated “NC16″ should have contained at least partial nudity and mild violence.

“KNN, bluff me lot! Some chao unker talking cock on stage only. He kenna detention 32 years only what! My friend ah huat kenna boys home, then jail for 5 years liao, but no one make movie…” he wrote, after wasting 3 minutes scrolling through bits in the clip looking for graphic scenes.

Other underaged students have also complained that the “NC16″ label has been dished out too liberally by the MDA lately. This has led to confusion over the quality of videos circulating online.

“When I see a movie kenna NC16, I immediately think: wah, this thing must be worth watching,” said Iris Ho, an River Valley High student who watched the clip on her iPad during recess time.

But like Aaron, Iris was disappointed at the sheer dryness of watching an elderly man giving a speech about history.

“Of course everyone knows Lee Kuan Yew sucks la. It’s all over Temasek Review Emeritus, so what Dr Chia said is nothing new to us. I’m extremely disappointed at the NC16 rating. It gave me a false sense of hope and I had to skip eating during recess just to watch that clip. Wtf lor. Might as well have just eaten the pages off my history textbook,” she complained.

According to an email by MDA to See, which he posted on his Facebook wall, a total of $10.80 was spent on marketing the clip as an indie video for rebellious students keen to show off their knowledge of obscure films. This amount excludes the taxi fare needed for See to collect his video from the MDA counter. New Nation estimates that a total of $30 was spent on promoting the film in all.

But was the cash worth it?

Professor Ambrose Kuah Dian See from the Department of film studies in the National University of Singapore thinks not. He says that more mileage for the movie could have been squeezed if the clip was banned.

“Anything banned locally is eventually bound to be a hit,” he said, pointing out that most items considered contraband in Singapore could be obtained in Johor Bahru anyway.

“Martyn should have tried for the ban instead of NC16. NC16 has lost its meaning over the years. Now it is kind of like a wannabe label, for the movies that are not quite cool but pretend to be.”

Is the Lee Kuan Yew = Nelson Mandela quote sinister or stupid?

Is the Lee Kuan Yew = Nelson Mandela quote sinister or stupid?

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Maybe both, because there is something really sinister and stupid about Nelson Mandela that I bet you didn’t know about.

By Belmont Lay

So if Lee Kuan Yew = Nelson Mandela, then Lee Kuan Yew should get a Nobel Peace Prize too. Picture: Belmont Lay

ALL IT takes these days is a quote blistering with fawning adoration for Lee Kuan Yew and everyone inside the Internet is riled – again.

“Lee Kuan Yew is the equivalent of Nelson Mandela to Singaporeans”, said Cheo Ming Shen, a 27-year-old co-founder of Internet start-up Netccentric, who was later exposed as YPAP Chairman of Toa Payoh East by netizens.

Cheo’s comment appeared in The Sunday Times (Jan. 16) and was about his admiration for Minister Mentor Lee who has a new book coming out that is in need of some flogging.

And netizens are miffed because some felt Cheo should have revealed his political affiliations. Others felt that Mandela was not in the same league as Lee.

While others are blaming the reporter, Elgin Toh, for not making Cheo’s YPAP affiliation clearer.

And I think all of these is a fuss over nothing, because obviously everyone is mistaken about who Mandela really is.

Especially so, when you find out about the kind of lunacy he actually got up to in his heyday and any form of comparison that is supposed to evoke admiration turns to crap.

Because if you thought Mandela is a saint who also happened to have been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, you just bought one of the best stories the media ever sold.

So, besides acknowledging that Mandela is the world’s second-longest imprisoned person in the universe after Chia Thye Poh, what else do you know about him?

He ended apartheid? Ok, fair enough. I’ll give that to him.

Ok, yes, Mandela has become a bastion of democracy and symbol of hope for oppressed people everywhere.

And then what else?

Ask yourself this and be brutally honest: Do you even remotely know why Mandela went to jail in the first place?

Hint: In the early 1960s, as a communist, Mandela pushed the African National Congress (ANC) into armed conflict.

More hints: He and his co-conspirators from ANC and the South African Communist Party were caught with a stash of 48,000 Soviet-made mines and 210,000 hand grenades.

Mandela advocated terrorism and he has a jaundiced view of the world that is coloured by nothing but pronounced racial politics.

So, no, he wasn’t incarcerated for his political views. Mandela was imprisoned for 23 acts of sabotage and for conspiring to overthrow the government through armed conflict.

And you know what was his pet name? He was known as the Black Pimpernel.

Why? Because Mandela advocated terrorism and he has a jaundiced view of the world that is coloured by nothing but pronounced racial politics.

In as late as 2002, when giving his views about his opposition to the Iraq invasion, his far-out radical views about race were nothing but loud and clear when he explained why the US and Britain defied the United Nations and went ahead with the war.

Mandela said: “When there were white (UN) secretary generals you didn’t find this question of the United States and Britain going out of the United Nations. But now that you’ve had black secretary generals like Boutros Boutros Ghali, like Kofi Annan, they do not respect the United Nations. They have contempt for it…”

What Mandela essentially said was: White leaders are a threat to peace. More so, when the UN had a black leader.

Does that sound racist or what?

And guess what? He was deeply concerned for the plight of one of the Lockerbie bombers and has expressed support for Libyan’s Gadaffi and Cuba’s Castro

Saddam Hussein was also his friend.

He even singled out Cuba for its human rights and liberty. (What? Cuba? Human rights? Liberty?)

Not to mention, he shared a stage with three Puerto Rican terrorists who had shot and wounded five US congressmen in 1954. Mandela said he supported anyone who was fighting for self-determination.

And when did he make these views? In the 1970s? No… He made them during the 1990s.

Plus, his second wife, Winnie Mandela, was a self-confessed advocate of terrorism and violence and was even accused of murder.

In 1986, she told a Soviet Union communist party newspaper that anyone who opposed her would be “necklaced”.

You know what that is? It means being burned alive with hands and feet tied with a burning rubber tire sauced in petrol thrown around the neck of anyone who opposed her.

On top of all that, Winnie was a convicted fraudster and thief with a penchant for Pirelli necklaces.

So what does all these tell me?

Here’s the point of this missive: Cheo knows nothing about Mandela. Toh is just as clueless. The rest of the people inside the Internet getting riled should just stop it because they only know half the story most of the time.

The end.