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Bloggers apologise for causing unpredictable downpour, haze

Bloggers apologise for causing unpredictable downpour, haze

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Bid by them to induce torrential tropical storm on this Thursday’s Dîner en Blanc “too successful”.

The haze the past two days and the sudden downpour on Monday were caused by bloggers who started bon fires to boil off water to seed clouds to cause inclement weather conditions by Thursday, which is when Dîner en Blanc is to be held.

A group of about 60 bloggers has issued a media statement of apology to Singaporeans for causing unpredictable inclement weather and the hazy conditions in Singapore the past two days.

It was reported two days ago that a group of bloggers are plotting revenge after they were disinvited to this Thursday’s Dîner en Blanc for suggesting bringing local food to the event to be consumed.

Dîner en Blanc is a chi chi outdoor picnic originally started by cheese-eating surrender monkeys two decades ago that is to be held at a secret outdoor location in Singapore, which is governed by strict codes of conduct such as wearing all-white to be in attendance.

To let the organiser know that electronic food scribes are never meant to be trifled with, bloggers have been responding in kind by stimulating and building up inclement weather in preparation for Thursday so as to wash out all manners of pretentiousness from Dîner en Blanc when it takes place outdoors.

As Dîner en Blanc is most probably an outdoor event, with the organiser priding itself for stoically insisting on carrying on regardless of weather conditions, what better way to pamper participants’ senses than a tropical torrential downpour?

To artificially seed clouds in the sky, evaporation is rapidly stimulated and the bloggers sought the help of other bloggers by crowdsourcing evaporation through methods such as tumbling dry more laundry and incessantly boiling water.

However, they might have been overdoing it and achieved their results before time.

One of the bloggers involved said: “I’ve been lighting outdoor bon fires all over the island and boiling off massive amounts of water from cauldrons, sometimes up to 600 litres an hour to get evaporation going to promote cloud formation.”

He continued: “I guess we were too successful as this caused the haze on Sunday and the subsequent torrential downpour on Monday that spread from the west to east of Singapore without warning. But hey, I guess, it works.”

Although they have apologised, the group is not stopping the stimulation of evaporation.

They hope to achieve nothing short of a flood on Thursday.