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S’poreans react to PAP Lawrence Wong launching personal attack on SDP Chee Soon Juan on TV

S’poreans react to PAP Lawrence Wong launching personal attack on SDP Chee Soon Juan on TV

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Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


PAP minister Lawrence Wong launched a personal attack on SDP’s Chee Soon Juan during a televised Channel News Asia policy forum debate on Sept. 1, 2015, featuring various political party representatives.

According to Chee, Wong cited a matter that happened 20 years ago as a way to continue the PAP’s tactic of character-assassination.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “At least Chee Soon Juan is happily married and not a divorcee.”
Lee Hun, 45-year-old marriage counsellor


sian-half-uncle “I would watch a debate where various politicians personally attacked one another for one hour straight as it will allow me to better know who I am voting for.”
Jiang Bie Ren, 62-year-old undercover police


happy-bird-girl “Once again, the PAP prove they don’t need a credible opposition to discredit them.”
Mei Xin Xing, 19-year-old faith healer










MH370 news: Channel News Asia headline FAIL

MH370 news: Channel News Asia headline FAIL

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Not sure if trolling, but most likely stupid.

Channel News Asia has uploaded a news piece on Facebook about the missing Malaysia Airlines plane MH370:



S’poreans shocked deputy prime minister doesn’t know history of Konfrontasi by hard

S’poreans shocked deputy prime minister doesn’t know history of Konfrontasi by hard

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Teo Chee Hean claimed that he “learnt a lot” from watching Channel News Asia documentary.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with varying levels of general knowledge are in a state of shock.

This after they read a Facebook update by deputy prime minister Teo Chee Hean saying he “learnt a lot” from watching Channel NewsAsia‘s documentary, Days of Rage: Konfrontasi.

They expressed their disappointment that the deputy prime minister doesn’t know these things by hard and has to learn about a pivotal aspect of Singapore’s violent nation-building history only this late in his life now.

One Singaporean, Zhen Chong Ming, said: “I can’t believe our deputy prime minister only learnt about the historical facts of Konfrontasi only now. Shouldn’t he be privy to all the details considering that he is running this country?”

“Why is he learning a lot only now from watch a CNA programme? This is disturbing.”

At press time, it is unclear how many members of parliament have also learnt a lot from the CNA documentary or missed it completely, which means they learnt nothing.

S’poreans suspect next General Election planned for 2015

S’poreans suspect next General Election planned for 2015

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Channel News Asia gets $13 million to make feel good documentaries to celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary.


Singaporeans from all walks of life are suspecting that the next general election will be held in 2015.

This after Channel News Asia unveiled ambitious plans to develop iconic Singapore-made documentaries to celebrate the Singapore story as 2015 will be Singapore’s 50th birthday.

The channel will commission, produce and outsource over 30 hours of documentaries with the support of the Media Development Authority with a budget of $13 million.

Qu Tou Piao, a local said: “Come 2015, people will be in good mood because it is half a century of existence. The Channel News Asia documentaries will remind Singaporeans who made Singapore and there is expected to be a free flow of good will from the electorate.”

These plans were announced at the Old Parliament House on Wednesday.

Channel News Asia’s managing director, Debra Soon, said these documentaries could be one-off one-hour titles, or in a series which celebrate the Singapore spirit.

This has sparked intense interest in who will be featured in the documentaries.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “If they put me on TV to make me famous, I will do the right thing and ask people to vote correctly. Call me ok, Debra Soon?”






What on Earth is CNA’s S Ramesh doing here?

What on Earth is CNA’s S Ramesh doing here?

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Singaporeans feel this is a conspiracy.

A cartoon by Cartoon Press, one of the most talented drawers in Singapore, has come under intense scrutiny by Singaporeans after it came out over the weekend.


The cartoon is supposed to depict seven bloggers (aka people with a lot of free time) and not a single one doesn’t have scrotum.

However, upon closer inspection, it is collectively decided that one of them looks like S Ramesh from Channel News Asia.


One Singaporean, Jiak Pah Kaheng, said: “This is beyond uncanny resemblance. This is a conspiracy. Call police”

Channel News Asia is ‘cunning’, ‘exploitative': Alvin TJY

Channel News Asia is ‘cunning’, ‘exploitative': Alvin TJY

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What more was Malaysia’s first male porn star expecting from CNA? Lady Gaga treatment?

This post is stolen from Alvin Tan JY’s Facebook.

“I think that Channel News Asia is a cunning, exploitative company prone to making money from the ignorant and inexperienced like me and Vivian.

I was in talks with Channel News Asia to film an episode of Get Real, a documentary depicting real-life social events. Filming will take place over a span of several days, and we are expected to act as well as use our own personal contacts of people who propositioned us for sex to set up real-life meetings with said people. In addition, we are expected to personally take on tremendous legal risks in performing unauthorised filming; they were planning to wire our shirts up with microphones and hidden cameras to capture people who aren’t even aware that they’re being recorded.

In exchange, Channel News Asia was prepared to reimburse us for transportation and accommodation expenses. A negotiation for actual payment is met with an indifferent “we don’t pay for interviews”.

Very classy move.

First, full-day filming for several days is not an “interview” — it’s fucking work. Second, Channel News Asia is a for-profit organisation that will make a good chunk of money out of Get Real, and I don’t intend to go into lose-win arrangements. Third, I will not be an accessory to a gross and intentional violation of individual privacy for strong legal and moral reasons. Fourth, it is only fair, just, and reasonable to compensate me for my time; even nominal payment would suffice to convey their sincerity. Fifth, the contact information of swingers and singles seeking sex belong to us; we accumulated them through our own sheer effort and personal influence, and we will not use them for possibly-unlawful purposes. To round things off nicely, they even told me to offer them an exclusive interview with them (and reject the other journalists from The Straits Times, The New Paper, Lianhe Wanbao, etc.) right after my NUS Board of Disciplinary hearing… for no payment, of course.

Frankly, I’m tired of their shitty, insulting attitude. We have enough paid opportunities as it is: you know, people who are keen and genuine about moving forward with us with a win-win mentality. You want us to act in Get Real for free? GET REAL!”

Editor’s note: Sorry ah, we also quite exploitative. We steal your post and put on our website. Paiseh ah… Don’t du lan us.

Channel News Asia sneakily adds names to legitimise quotations

Channel News Asia sneakily adds names to legitimise quotations

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Sleight of hand by national broadcaster not well played. Tsk.

Channel News Asia published a half-assed article a couple of days ago extolling the virtues of F1 Singapore.

To make their point, they made use of anonymous sources to supply quotations acting as if it is appropriate and OK by journalism standards.

Which is not very healthy, considering CNA is not exactly New Nation.

Check out the original article:

Image stolen from here.

After drawing some flak and probably realising the Interweb is laughing at their professionalism, CNA decided to add some generic names and identification of nationalities to the sources to give the quotations some attribution and credibility.

Check out the altered article:

The usual practice of news outlets is to alert the reader to any editing of the article post-publication. This is what flagging is all about. It helps to build and enable trust because readers want to know when the publication is messing around with them.

But as a press in a class of its own, Channel News Asia is exempted from this international standard.

Punters look to Channel News Asia for lucky lottery numbers

Punters look to Channel News Asia for lucky lottery numbers

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Punters learn of how seven pro-PAP supporters were picked for forum by pure chance, joss sticks and paper burnt for broadcaster.

Punters give offerings to Channel News Asia to bestow some of the broadcaster’s luck on them.

Channel News Asia, the fairest broadcaster in the universe, has come out publicly to clarify that they did not intentionally pick up to seven pro-PAP supporters to attend the Conversation with PM Lee forum held on Sept. 14, where a total of 50 participants were invited.

It was, really, a matter of pure dumb luck.

Initially, after the forum was televised, people inside the Internet were accusing CNA of rigging the selection of the 50-member audience, as it was discovered that several of the participants were PAP members and supporters.

However, since this news of random selection resulting in pro-PAP supporters to be chosen came to light to debunk the rigging allegations, lottery punters have started to burn joss sticks and joss paper to CNA as early as last evening to seek guidance and luck from them for 4D and Toto numbers selection.

The punters believe that Lady Luck is beaming down upon the broadcaster, and the good fortune can and should be shared around.

After joss sticks and paper were offered to the broadcaster yesterday afternoon, more than two dozen people who acted early to identify CNA’s lucky charms have claimed to have struck top prize on Sept. 19, this Wednesday’s 4D lottery draw.

Lai Phua Keeow, who has been barred from entering Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands, said while setting fire to the joss paper burning bin: “Channel News Asia is my new guan yin ma and tua peh kong! Imagine if she can pick seven out of 45 Toto numbers! Huat ah!”

As of now, CNA claims that they have no plans to branch out into lottery number selection business. Yet.

This is due to tough competition posed by Tan Kin Lian, who has developed his own 4D number selection app.

S’poreans invited to play ‘Spot-The-PAP-Supporter’ game

S’poreans invited to play ‘Spot-The-PAP-Supporter’ game

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Channel News Asia’s Conversations with PM Lee turned into game show format overnight.

Singaporeans have been having a ball of a time since last night spotting pro-PAP members in the audience at Conversations With PM Lee on Sept. 14, Channel News Asia’s television forum where political bloggers were dropped from the invite list like hot potatoes at the last minute even though they were slated to attend weeks earlier.

So far, out of the 50 people supposedly from all walks of life who were invited to share their thoughts (except dirty ones) with Our Supreme Leader, it has been discovered that more than a handful have applied for membership with the ruling party.

Mr Foo Peow Yong, Douglas, PBM , CEO of Sakae Sushi. Patron of Siglap CCC 2011-2013.

This photo is stolen from Joshua Chiang. (http://www.facebook.com/joshuafly)

Several members of the public, who New Nation confirmed are not PAP supporters, said they are excited to be given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spot PAP supporters who wanted to pass off discreetly as normal people.

But all of them felt the difficulty level of the game is not as high as Where’s Wally?

So how can the difficulty level be improved then?

One of the non-PAP supporters said: “They should just pull strings behind-the-scenes. That way, more difficult to spot.”

*All pictures here stolen from theonlinecitizen.

Is Conversations With PM Lee biased, partisan?

Is Conversations With PM Lee biased, partisan?

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We put this question to a vote. 5,000 readers responded.

On Sept. 14, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke to 50 people who represented men and women from all walks of life in Singapore in a television forum by Channel News Asia to get a feel of what is on people’s minds (besides dirty thoughts).

To get this 50 people in the same room, CNA had to drop a bunch of bloggers from the political fraternity.

Because political bloggers might be partisan and biased and ask tricky question on air that cannot be edited out due to live broadcast.

However, it has been discovered, by at least one hawk-eyed Interwebber, that the make-up of the 50 participants is not exactly unbiased or non-partisan:

This photo is stolen from Joshua Chiang. (http://www.facebook.com/joshuafly)

So we asked 5,000 readers: Is Conversation With PM Lee biased, partisan?

Here is how they voted, with the result presented in Channel News Asia style:

Channel News Asia is the fairest channel in the universe

Channel News Asia is the fairest channel in the universe

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They employed the best person to draw the most accurate graph in the universe too.

In the television forum Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had with a bunch of people yesterday, he asked for a straw poll: Should non-married couples have children?

The vote was split: 46 per cent “yes” and 54 per cent “no”.

If there ever was a longest 4 percent margin, this would be it. It is even longer than an 8-inch dick.

CNA disinvites political bloggers from PM television forum

CNA disinvites political bloggers from PM television forum

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However, they react with indifference, citing “not important enough to get mad” as reason.

PM Lee engaging bloggers and some other people who doodle on his Facebook wall.

Two weeks ago, all hell broke loose in Singapore after some food bloggers were disinvited from Dîner en Blanc, a chi chi outdoor secret picnic originally conceived by cheese-eating surrender monkeys that was brought to our shores for the first time.

Bloggers who were cut from the invite list reacted with fury, calling for death and boycott of the event — but to no avail, because the event eventually went ahead without much incident.

And history appears to be repeating itself now, but with a twist.

This week, several other bloggers from the political blogging fraternity were told that they were disinvited to a Channel News Asia television forum starring Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, even though invites and attendance were firmed up weeks earlier.

No one, however, batted an eyelid. Or tried to get mad about being dropped.

According to a post by Ravi Philemon, a blogger who writes about politics and democracy and stuff and who lives like a legend, the apparent reason given by producers of CNA for rescinding the invitation to the political bloggers was that PM Lee had met enough bloggers and engaged in enough verbal intercourse with them already.

And therefore, the prime minister has accumulated enough XP (experience points) and he is on his quest for other XP to progress further in his role-playing game as the ruler of Singapore.

Although this explanation has gone down well with some, others have speculated that political bloggers don’t give two hoots or are very cool about being dumped, on their heads or otherwise, because they have always been mentally prepared to deal with setbacks in life. Such as being called up by the ISD, put away for good or be the last in line to successfully ballot for a HDB flat. Or ballot for one in Ulu Jurong.

Others have also gone on to suggest that the prime minister does not match up to tau huay, the local delicacy that tore a new one for Dîner en Blanc organisers and drew the ire of food scribes.

New Nation, a LOL political blog without much political content these days, has issued a one-liner statement stating why they are not mad about being dropped from CNA’s PM forum: “It is not as if we are going to meet Scarlett Johansson.”

Channel News Asia headline “deliberately misleading”

Channel News Asia headline “deliberately misleading”

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The same reader flies into blinding rage again, this time over CNA headline, demands apology.

Dear New Nation editors,

I wrote to you yesterday regarding an editorial faux pas committed by The Straits Times where I demanded an apology from their editors.

I made it perfectly clear that I was offended and I stated my reasons for all and sundry to read and empathise. I’ve received a lot of support and kind words from many who felt the same.

Thank you all for that encouragement.

Today, I opened my Internet browser to scrutinise local news and I fell off my chair as I was made to fly into a blinding rage yet again.

Barely a few hours after the offending ST article with its insensitive sub-headline appeared on the front page, Channel News Asia published a headline that is obviously deliberately misleading, and meant to cause misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

You can be the judge for yourself:

Here is a closer look:

This is the article that was published in the evening of April 2 by Channel News Asia, that broadcaster that claims to be providing you with Asian perspectives but is in fact filled with programmes of people talking incessantly about nothing in particular.

Tell me you don’t see anything wrong with this headline?

Tell me this is not deliberate and in-your-face?

Tell me this is not an insinuation!

Because it isn’t! This is published as if it was a statement of fact!

All I’m saying is that CNA is casting China in a bad light by saying that killing people through state executions is important in the implementation of domestic policies!

I know, this is not even the context and meaning of the headline.

But like I said in my previous letter, it doesn’t matter! Because all it takes is for one person to choose to feel offended, offence is taken.

Worse, one glance at the headline, and I assumed immediately that it is the pot calling the kettle black.

We all know China has one of the highest execution rates in the world.

But how much better is Singapore?

Must we be the ones to cast the first stone with our accusation?

I’m no Jesus but all I can say is that we can’t.

I am appalled and I cannot bear to read more. Editorial oversights like these must stop.

And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels the same way.

There needs to be an issuance of an apology.

Or else I might be forced to do something within my personal capacity.

Yours sincerely,
An Outraged Channel News Asia and Straits Times Reader