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S’poreans inform PM Lee his successor is Chan Chun Sing

S’poreans inform PM Lee his successor is Chan Chun Sing

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Please spread the word.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who already know how it is going to pan out in the future, have contacted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to inform him of the proceedings moving forward that Chan Chun Sing will be the fourth prime minister of Singapore.

This after Singaporeans said it appears that the current prime minister is clueless as to who his successor is, as if he has not received the memo or seen it coming all these months.

One Singaporean, Qian Tu, said: “Dear PM Lee, your successor is Chan Chun Sing. Singaporeans all over the country already know about it but it appears you are the last to know.”

“Every time you are interviewed in the media, you appear clueless as to who will be the next prime minister after you as you cannot say definitively.”

“FYI, it is Chan Chun Sing. The rest of us Singaporeans are letting you in on it.”

Other locals said it is unfortunate that PM Lee himself does not know who the next leader is given that he is Singapore’s number one person, which means he ought to know better.

Another local, Boh Wei Gong, said: “I blame the other ministers in the Cabinet who did not inform PM Lee about who his successor is.”

“I am not sure why the Cabinet ministers are keeping secrets from their own master. I hate seeing PM Lee looking lost all the time. This is unbecoming of Singapore, in general.”

“Singaporeans do not enjoy watching PM Lee appear in the media unable to say what he does not know, like picking someone to lead the country after him is a big deal.”

“Countries change leaders all the time. At the end of the day, no matter who leads, Singapore is just a place people earn money to spend overseas.”


S’porean photographer captures image of aeroplane on Chan Chun Sing’s forehead in parliament

S’porean photographer captures image of aeroplane on Chan Chun Sing’s forehead in parliament

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Mastery of camera and skillful serendipitous shot lauded by international photography luminaries.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can point a camera at any object and click away furiously because they don’t use film which is expensive and digital is so cheap, have come out to praise a fellow local photographer.

This after the local photographer took a photo of an aeroplane flying past Minister Chan Chun Sing’s forehead by chance.

Pai Chao, the local photographer, said: “I chanced upon a set of MPs in parliament while on a photowalk with my friends in Boat Quay, and thought the view ahead would make an interesting perspective.”

“Little did I expect to catch an airplane in mid-air on Chan Chun Sing’s forehead.”

His photograph has since won many international awards around the world and has been lauded by photography luminaries.

It is also in the running for winning a prestigious Nikon trolley bag.

However, many Singaporeans interviewed have also expressed concern regarding the authenticity of the photo.

One local, Zhen De Ma, explained: “This photo looks highly suspicious and photoshopped.”

“Since when did MPs in the background not fall asleep? Have their opened eyes been photoshopped into the image?”

“Shouldn’t they be dozing off?”






HuffPost responds to Minister Chan Chun Sing: Chee’s 2 articles represent 0.0001% of content we publish a year

HuffPost responds to Minister Chan Chun Sing: Chee’s 2 articles represent 0.0001% of content we publish a year

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The website hits back.


In a sharply-worded statement, Huffington Post has responded to Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing.

This after Minister Chan chastised the publication in a statement on Jan. 15, 2015, for giving Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Chee Soon Juan “considerable but undeserved attention and space” on their website.

Chee had previously written two articles for HuffPost, titled Without Freedom There is No Free Trade and Free the Singapore Media and Let the People Go, on Nov. 13, 2014 and Dec. 11, 2014 respectively.

In his diatribe against the website, Minister Chan also called Chee a “political failure” and insinuated he is not an honourable man.

In response, HuffPost replied Minister Chan by explaining that Chee’s contribution of two articles in reality made up only 0.0001% of content they published in any given year, and therefore, the accusation that he received undeserved space is uncalled for.

This is compounded by the fact that Chee’s articles were competing for eyeballs against cat videos and other shorter articles on HuffPost showing people face-planting that were more shareable in nature.

Moreover, as an American media, HuffPost said it is not up to them to judge people based on how well they did in life thus far, but what people can do to contribute to society in the future.

HuffPost then wrote that they would allow Minister Chan himself to contribute articles to them if he is so inclined to be heard on such a platform, but that time spent writing articles for a blog-like website might not justify his ministerial salary.

HuffPost then wrote: “We wonder how much did it cost taxpayers for Minister of Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong to write this article for The Straits Times?”


Singapore Democratic Party is famous enough for The New Paper it seems:

Opposition icon SDP shocked to be featured in TNP






Minister spotted shopping at NTUC

Minister spotted shopping at NTUC

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You wouldn’t believe what happened next

The internet is still reeling from shock

The internet is still reeling from shock

Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for Defence and prime minister designate Chan Chun Sing was spotted shopping alone at NTUC on Sunday morning, much to the shock of netizens in Singapore.

This shocking news was posted on the Facebook page of Denise Phua Lay Peng, a PAP MP who is not Chan’s GRC teammate. As such, it is safe to say that she does not have a vested interest in promoting Chan as not one of those super atas MPs who go into politics for money.

Which means she was genuinely shocked that a minister would shop at NTUC for groceries.

More shock from Denise Phua's Facebook page

More shock from Denise Phua’s Facebook page

“I thought all Ministers got their maids to do grocery shopping for them one. Or they shop at Marketplace in CBD,” exclaimed future voter Goh Show Peng who declared her allegiance to the humble minister.

However, not all netizens were impressed with this apparent display of humility.

“If he really want to be blue collar, go shop at Sheng Siong lah,” said supermarket shopper Da Jian Jia.

Difficult for S’poreans to decide on societal norms as they are becoming the minority

Difficult for S’poreans to decide on societal norms as they are becoming the minority

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Singaporeans say minister Chan Chun Sing might want to re-think his logic.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are forming a smaller and smaller core of the total population in Singapore, have responded to Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing.

This after the minister wrote a Facebook note on May 2, saying that investment bank, Goldman Sachs, should not positively discriminate the LGBT community by purposely seeking them out for employment.

He reasoned that this move is divisive for Singapore as Singaporeans are conservative.

However, Singaporeans have since responded to Minister Chan.

One native of Singapore, Tng Lang, said: “Singapore is dependent on foreign multinational corporations to provide good jobs and boost our economy. If we say we want their standing, money and financial backing but not their liberal values, then there is something two-faced about that.”

Another local, Mah Lai Ren, said: “I think it is increasingly quite hard for Singaporeans to decide on what are the norms for Singapore society. This is because Singaporeans are shrinking in numbers and since democracy is the rule of the majority, I guess we cannot really set the agenda anymore.”

An opposition Hougang will increase our birth rate: Chan Chun Sing

An opposition Hougang will increase our birth rate: Chan Chun Sing

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By Gong KiuKiu

Chan Chun Sing. Enough said.

The People’s Action Party will have to sacrifice Hougang if it wishes to halt social problems like the low fertility rate, said Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing.

“These are the tough choices we have to make,” he said at the sidelines of the poorly attended PAP rally last night.

He denied ever advocating for a rise in the total fertility rate (TFR) by promoting children out of wedlock in a forum organised by the Institute of Policy Studies on Monday.

A participant asked why Nordic countries have such high TFR. Someone from IPS then pointed out that if we deconstruct the numbers, we would realise that their TFR for married couples is rather similar to ours, but they accepted children out of wedlock. I then asked the audience if we as a society would ever accept that?

Instead, Chan admitted that his ministry has been working on a study to take advantage of the PAP’s declining popularity to improve the TFR of the country. Hougang, he said, is on a slow decline toward slumhood and if the Worker’s Party (WP) manages to maintain its hold on the constituency, there will come a time when even the street lamps in Hougang will be shut off due to poor maintenance.

This, Chan reckons, will create a hub for amorous young couples looking for more privacy in public. According to sources familiar with the matter, the social development network, Singapore’s state-run dating agency, has already called dibs on the potentially darkest spots in the constituency.

“We have KPI to hit,” the minister said while refusing to disclose when the study will be released.

The WP failed to answer our calls at the time of publication but a source who is always present during crucial meetings  said they were busy telling the media about why the party’s Hougang candidate, Png Eng Huat, did not become a non constituency member of parliament after last year’s elections.

Why Chan Chun Sing’s face looked pensive in Parliament?

Why Chan Chun Sing’s face looked pensive in Parliament?

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This is a 60-second reduction of the original article by Chan Chun Sing, first published in The Straits Times on March 20, 2012, Page A19.

When he is not looking pensive, Chan Chun Sing appears to be Jim Carrey when mixing with young girls, as seen in this screen grab from the electric fish tank.

Got quite a lot of people give us positive feedback on Budget 2012 because we help the poor, the disabled and the elderly.

What did we do?

ComCare eligibility? Change.

How much committed to take care of disabled and special needs community? $1 billion.

But some observer told me that when I made these announcements in parliament, I got pensive face.

My face of course pensive, because I think of the challenges ahead.

First, there is many things that still needs to be done to reach out to those in need.

But we also cannot ask Government to do everything.

Singaporeans and voluntary welfare organisations need to take responsibility also.

You pay taxes so what? Everything Government do? Outsource everything to external agency?

Like that society will be impersonal and have little warmth because we become transactional society what.

But I am encouraged by Singaporeans who come forward, like students and professionals who volunteer.

Also got one example called Project Dignity Kitchen. I like this one. This one is a hawker training school for persons with disabilities and the disadvantaged.

They got provide lunch treats for elderly also.

Second, the concept of help cannot be about giving out aid all the time, you know.

We must help people become independent instead.

Like that those in need will then be confident.

Give people new sense of mission and purpose in life will help them also.

Third, want to do more sometimes also problem.

Where to find resources?

Even more headache when our economy in future got slow growth.

This problem other countries also face. Want to help but cannot because not enough resources.

We must do things in a sustainable way like that.

Resources also mean need to find partners to do things together. Not just about money one, you know.

If not, how?

Confirm cannot find ways to support new ideas one.

We as a society must do more.

Next time got minister make announcement in parliament, I hope his face is not pensive also.

Because he can mobilise Singaporeans and not just because he got a lot of government programmes to announce.

Chan Chun Sing is Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports.

Misguided: Nationwide campaign to boost social worker numbers

Misguided: Nationwide campaign to boost social worker numbers

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Up the salaries of social workers to make vocation as prestigious as law and medicine instead.

By The Social Guru

It has been reported that a huge drive to attract more people to become social workers is currently being carried out.

With 800 registered social workers, Singapore is still in need of 200 more practitioners.

It has also been revealed that a social worker pulls between $2,550 and $2,750 a month.

And to drive these points home, an ongoing nationwide campaign that includes print and TV advertisements has been launched to promote social work as a career of choice.

But how much money is that to coordinate a campaign of this scale, you think?

Millions of dollars annually? From taxpayers presumably?

Oh for crying out loud!

Why can’t the government take all that money and split it evenly among the 1,000 social workers that Singapore is targeting?

This will raise the profile of social workers significantly by tangibly raising the salaries by a quantum leap.

Because in Singapore, you see, the worthiness of a vocation is led by how much money it yields for the practitioner.

Price and opportunity cost will always be a determinant.

But check out what our favourite minister had to say about social workers.

Acting minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Chan Chun Sing, said the remuneration of being a social worker is competitive when compared to similar jobs, such as teaching, that serves the needs of others.

Well, for the record, teaching is a profession that is not very attractive to begin with judging by the perennial lack of teachers.

And to peg social workers to teachers and vice versa is not doing either profession the favour of profile-raising.

But there’s always that hackneyed argument that you need to have a heart for social work to do it, right?

It’s not always about the vulgar aspects such as how much you’re getting paid, right?

Oh, come on.

Name me a job that doesn’t serve the needs of others?

And name me a job that doesn’t require you to have a heart?

For the record, social work is like any other kind of work.

It could be law, medicine, flipping burgers or grooming dogs.

The better the pay, the more professionalised it becomes, the more people it attracts, the more competitive it gets and the better the quality of the candidates who show up for job interviews.

PAP believes in paying top dollar to ensure quality pickings for minister-calibre individuals who can serve the people and nation, right?

So why not apply that same belief to social workers?

Why the discrepancy?

Government fail: Doesn’t understand what young people want

Government fail: Doesn’t understand what young people want

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Therefore, they should consider leaving *SCAPE in private hands.

By Belmont Lay

Having the ability to run a $200-billion-a-year economy would give any government in the world a lot of confidence.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the PAP folks can strut around cocksure in their whitey-tighties, decreeing this and that, because they’ve gotten the fundamentals down pat with our $200-billion economy.

But, regardless of hubris or the level of confidence, there are certain pies that the PAP government should never, ever get their fingers into.

For example, they should never, ever try to predict again what sort of youth leader people want.

Lest they give us another Tin Pei Ling.

Also, they should never again predict what constitutes as “fun” and “entertaining”.

Lest they give us another *SCAPE.

So you should know, *SCAPE is that shopping mall thing located next to Cineleisure in the Orchard Road strip.

Set up and set aside since 2004 by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (MCYS) to manage spaces in the heart of Singapore city, it is supposed to provide cool, urban, funky, buttocks-clenching excitement for young people up to 35 years old.

But there is a problem.

It is neither a provider of buttocks-clenching excitement nor attractive to youths at all.

It has, in fact, been suffering from a low turnout since its inception.

This example only serves to show that the PAP folks and government in general are rubbish at having fun and inculcating it in others.

So when I found out that *SCAPE will be launching a new entrepreneurship programme in March next year targeting youth-run businesses, I laughed so hard, incredulous, I snorted and farted at the same time.

After which I fell off the chair hysterical, ROFL and suffered spasms.

In the original Channel News Asia report proclaiming this new harebrained scheme, the mood of the article is already one of doom and gloom.

It highlighted three points:

1. Five tenants have moved out since *SCAPE’s official launch in June last year.

2. Retailers complain *SCAPE has not attracted as many youth as what it originally set out to do.

3. They are also unhappy with the low traffic, even though the building is located in the heart of Orchard Road.

So, the pertinent question is: What kind of sorcery is MCYS going to use to not only start getting young people with spending power there but also get going an entire entrepreneurship programme?

Beats me, but the CNA article correctly quotes Tracy Phillips, owner of A Curious Teepee at *SCAPE, saying: “Initially, when they spoke to me about youth, they told me youth was anyone under 35… but in reality, everything that is being done now is targeted to youth who are very, very young. And the fact is youth don’t want to hang out in a place where you tell them to hang out.”

So, here’s the point of today’s missive: You can trust “fun”, “funky” and “entertaining” to be true to form, if and only if, it is left to enterprising private hands. The government might be able to manage an economy on a macro scale, but mastering the finesse of knowing what young people want?

Hell no.

And you can trust Tracy to know exactly what she is talking about.

Because she is right that young people will never do what they are told.

The last time I checked, she used to be the ex-marketing manager of Zouk – a place where boys would pay through the nose just to show up to see and meet girls who will be there dressed to the nines as if it was SlutWalk every time.

Which means, in short, Tracy knows what young people want.


On the other hand, the Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports is Chan Chun Sing.

Chan Chun Sing. Enough said.

Needless to say, I might as well have just shown you this picture right at the start: I would have won the argument with just this picture alone.