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Cat defeats ex-NMP Calvin Cheng in political debate

Cat defeats ex-NMP Calvin Cheng in political debate

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Cat 1 Calvin Cheng 0.


Questioning how a former Nominated Member of Parliament, who works in the fashion industry while pretending to be an expert on Islam, terrorism, the Malay community and ISIS can even be allowed near a keyboard, a cat in Singapore successfully destroyed the argument put forth by a certain Calvin Cheng.

This after Cheng said anyone who has an opinion on the Internet is a risk to national security and must be arrested for terrorism.

In response, the tabby cat put forth a resting bitch face, which won almost 75 percent of the argument as it questioned if its opponent is even breathing through his mouth, before laying to waste its opponent with rhetorical flair.

This is what the cat said:

“I hope the gahmen detains Calvin Cheng. He keeps talking about how Malays face zero discrimination in Singapore or that…

Posted by Cats of Singapore on Thursday, May 28, 2015