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Shut down casinos on Sunday as mark of respect for Lee Kuan Yew, S’poreans petition government

Shut down casinos on Sunday as mark of respect for Lee Kuan Yew, S’poreans petition government

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Allowing the two venues of sin in the first place was a difficult decision for our former prime minister to make.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are mourning the passing of Lee Kuan Yew on an unprecedented scale, have formally written to the government urging them to shut down both casinos on Sunday as a mark of respect for the founding prime minister.

This after it was announced that all Singapore Pools branches, authorised retail outlets and Livewire venues will be closed on Sunday with vice put on hold.

One Singaporean, Kee Puah Keow, said he understands the rationale behind this gesture: “It was a difficult decision for Lee Kuan Yew to make and for him to even consider allowing casinos to operate in Singapore.”

“As we have seen so far, casinos have brought nothing but strive and debt to thousands of people and ruined countless of lives.”

“As a mark of respect, it is imperative for both Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa be shut down and have all their revenue for the day donated to charity.”

Another Singaporean, Mei Chu Xi, said the closing down of casinos would be something Lee Kuan Yew would have wanted if he really had his way: “Lee Kuan Yew was an industrious man who believed Singaporeans had to be rugged in order to survive. Casinos are antithetical to what he believed in as it left the fate of Man to the vagaries of chance.”

“To show that we love Lee Kuan Yew, both casinos need to be closed down or else it will sully his good name and show that Singapore is beholden to vice.”

“Why not shut them down for two weeks to show our sincerity to Lee Kuan Yew?”


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Giving up land to MBS so soon will arouse suspicion of populace

Giving up land to MBS so soon will arouse suspicion of populace

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Singapore land authorities urged to wait a few more months before giving up land previously used for ECP.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life who like to gamble have urged the Singapore authorities in charge of land to act more slowly.

This after it was reported that sin-filled casino Marina Bay Sands is seeking to expand its territory, by acquiring land previously occupied by the East Coast Parkway (ECP) expressway, which closed down in late December last year to make way for the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE).

One Singaporean, Kee Puah Keow, said: “The authorities should act more slowly because if they give up the land to MBS so soon, people will know for sure that the closure of ECP to open the MCE is not a coincidence.”

Another local suggested that the government can act less decisively and issue statements saying that there has not been any formal talks to broach this topic or discuss this issue.

Lai Keh Seow, a local, said: “It is best to do this in a more subtle way that will not arouse the suspicion of the populace who will naturally conclude that a well-functioning ECP expressway had to make way to create more space for a casino.”

Civil servant camera detector installed at Geylang Lorong 16 overhead bridge

Civil servant camera detector installed at Geylang Lorong 16 overhead bridge

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Ministry of Corruption Reduction And Prevention (MinCRAP) starts pilot programme to identify patrons of prostitutes.


A camera and flashing LED lights have been installed on an overhead bridge at Geylang Lorong 16.

The Ministry of Corruption Reduction And Prevention (MinCRAP) has revealed that this is a civil servant camera detector.

MinCRAP said that this is the latest step taken to weed out rotten eggs in the civil service because anyone caught in Geylang must be having relations with prostitutes.

Zhuar Huai Ren, a MinCRAP spokesperson, said: “Under new regulations, civil servants must now declare when they visit casinos in Singapore. However, we are aware civil servants might be shy about declaring if they are having extra martial affairs, because adultery websites are not allowed in Singapore.”

“Moreover, the market for Geylang is not owned by the government, unlike casinos. So we need to catch them in the act.”

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MRT station, third casino to be built on Pulau Ubin in 2018

MRT station, third casino to be built on Pulau Ubin in 2018

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Expansion of MRT network island-wide in the next five years is to accommodate tourists at third Integrated Resort.


Bye bye rustic Pulau Ubin. And hello man-made casino.

Come 2018, large swaths of Singapore’s beloved north-east island renowned for its palm-sized mosquitoes and rugged cycling terrain will be levelled to make way for Singapore’s third Integrated Resort (IR).

Tentatively named Resorts World Ubin (RWU), it will be designed to be at least four times the size of Marina Bay Sands, one of two IRs in Singapore at the moment.

And eight times more grand than Resorts World Sentosa, the other IR here.

Official construction will begin in 18 months’ time. Clearing of the island’s natural vegetation will be done overnight by burning as it is the most efficient means of making land available.

Once the IR is ready, RWU will move away from the business model of focusing solely on its casino activities for its revenue. Gambling, therefore, will only account for 90 percent of its revenue.

It will instead house a Sea World theme park filled to the brim with dolphins, seals, walruses, sea lions and sharks that will be caught in the wild and bred under captivity to kill off the weak to ensure only the toughest survive.

They will then be made to perform night after night to Barara Streisand songs or La Bamba.

For evening entertainment, involving humans, RWU will bring in Las Vegas-style performances complete with fake Elvis Presleys, Celine Dions and Siegfried and Roys.

An estimated three million tourists are expected to visit RWU in the first year of its opening.

When arrival numbers dwindle, Singapore will build its fourth IR on the opposite side of Pulau Ubin.

Tourists will arrive at the island via the Ubin MRT Line (in pink), which is part of the extension of the MRT network over the next 20 years.

Islanders displaced by the construction can take up residence up north in Malaysia.