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Revealed: Parking warden, bikini sunbathers are all ladyboys

Revealed: Parking warden, bikini sunbathers are all ladyboys

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Video stunt was to promote new ladyboys club with multi-storey car park theme.


It is official: The video featuring a parking warden using an umbrella to disperse a pair of bikini-clad “ladies” is fake.

What’s more, the three “ladies” hired to put on a show are actually ladyboys working in an up-and-coming new club.

This is a promotional video to plug the new club with a multi-storey car park theme rumoured to be opening in Joo Chiat.

How the car park and parking warden theme will work is simple.

Servers in the club will be transsexuals who will act as parking wardens and issue “summons” to club-goers who are standing stationary for too long or parked illegally in one corner.

The club-goers will then bring the “summons” to the bar counter to “pay off” the “fine” and be given alcoholic drinks.

But far from being a punishment, receiving summons in the club is a form of flattery, said the club’s promoter.

Tio Sah Man, who is in charge of the club’s marketing, said: “The more summons a club-goer receives, the better because this means that the club-goer is more attractive and deserves more alcohol.”

“The attractive clubbers drinking more will also make the rest of the ugly clubbers more attractive and everyone will have a good time.”





Couples flock to four car parks to role-play

Couples flock to four car parks to role-play

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Lack of privacy did not deter them from exhibitionism.

The car park at Singapore General Hospital saw some action after court testimony inspired couples to savour the great outdoors.

More than 50 couples were spotted at four different car parks in the evening around Singapore yesterday.

This was following court testimony given by 36-year-old former IT sales representative, Cecilia Sue, in the on-going sex-for-favours case.

These four locations are car parks at Beaufort Hotel in Sentosa, Mount Faber, Hort Park and the Singapore General Hospital where the 46-year-old former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) chief, Ng Boon Gay, allegedly pressured Sue into servicing his hardware on four separate occasions between June and December 2011 in return for purchasing her software.

Couples interviewed said they were thrilled to be where the action took place and have come specially (pun intended) to feel what it was like to be in a compromising position after hearing of how Ng tried to get Sue to grate his carrot at least four times.

They also claimed they were not bothered by the presence of many other couples at the same location citing “showing solidarity” as the reason for upping their comfort level.

Others more experienced in role-playing shrugged off suggestions that they were depraved.

They cited the high cost of HDB flats as the real cause of depravity in Singapore as people obviously cannot own their own home and have a bedroom to carry out their national duty.