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Why is S’pore going car-lite?

Why is S’pore going car-lite?


So as to clear the roads for rich people.


Keeping the roads clear of cars will allow more space for those who are rich and can afford to drive in Singapore a more comfortable commute.

By asking everyone else to give up personal modes of transportation would thus make everyone worse off — but since everyone is worse off, everyone will feel equal.

This is a form of socialism.

So far, Singaporeans have noticed that the plan to be truly car-lite is riddled with curiosities. For example, if Singaporeans are asked to ditch driving, why are there still new roads being constructed and ERP gantries erected? Why is there an emphasis on COE bidding exercises and the importing of new cars, which are increasingly priced out of rich of the middle class?

For Singapore to be truly car-lite, there is first a need to erase the obvious class divide.

Because a society is only progressive not when everyone can afford to drive, but when even politicians make use of public transport.







S’poreans praise success of plans toward a car-lite S’pore

S’poreans praise success of plans toward a car-lite S’pore

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This is working, they said.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to take public transport and ride electric scooters because cars are for rich people, are clapping their hands and praising the transport system.

This after they saw that plans towards a car-lite Singapore are successful as a family of five were spotted riding on a two-wheel electric scooter.

One Singaporean, Dian Dan Che, said: “Look at this. Five family members on a two-wheel bike. Towards a car-lite Singapore indeed.”

“It is heartening to see cars no longer playing a part in some Singaporeans’ life in such a significant way.”

Other Singaporeans said Singaporeans who take the initiative to move towards a car-lite Singapore must be praised.

Chen Zhan, another local, said: “This is such a bold move. You really need to be bold to be on the move like this.”

“Pity those who can drive. They won’t get to experience not being able to drive.”