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Captain Planet heads new task force against Indonesia

Captain Planet heads new task force against Indonesia


About time.

By IAmAmbulance

After Indonesia set the Earth on Fire, Singapore’s Ministry of Wind, Water and Heart took drastic measures to address the burning.

Captain Planet, an avid green activist and one of the millions of Singaporean PR who relocated here over the years, currently works with the the NParks and Recreation Department and resides at Sentosa Cove with fellow retired superhero and lover, VR Man.

The plan is for Captain Planet to assemble a task force of warriors to fly into Indonesia and throw waterbombs at the guy who called us childish.


Rumours have it that Captain Planet could persuade Singapore’s greatest hero to come out of retirement and once again serve his nation in the Warrior Task Force.

A brief on VR Man’s Achievements:
1) Took down the evil-doer Click-Click Man
2) Two-timed Wong Li Lin and Annabelle Francis
3) Became a banker
4) Announced he was gay and moved into Sentosa Cove with Captain Planet


The WTF is also rumoured to include Ironman and Spiderman. They, no doubt, will have no problems blending into Singaporean society as they are already taking the train.


And hopefully her: