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Everybody confused by Holland V cafe names that sound similar

Everybody confused by Holland V cafe names that sound similar

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They cannot tell The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf from 93°C Bean & Leaf.


Patrons who patronise Holland Village are having the biggest headache of the century.

This after everyone who set foot into Holland Village said they cannot tell the difference between The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (left) and 93°C Bean & Leaf (right).

This is such a big issue it was reported in the newspaper.

One patron, Lao Hua Yan, said: “The one on the left is brown and has the word ‘coffee’ and the one on the right is black. Oh my god, I cannot take it! I still cannot tell them apart. Help newspaper! Help me differentiate!”

The Sunday Times then very helpfully published an article telling apart the subtle differences between the two cafes to prevent further confusion.

For example, such as how brown is not the same colour as black and how one is on the left and the other is on the right.

This caused many patrons of Holland Village to be very grateful, because without the help of the newspaper everybody will be misled and think that they are drinking coffee from Coffee Bean when they are not.

Another Holland Village patron said: “What would I do without The Sunday Times giving me such clear guidance? There is no way I could have told the cafes apart on my own. I would have walked into one thinking it is the other.”

“And I will be cheated and I will die.”