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Urgent by-election called for new Tampenis GRC

Urgent by-election called for new Tampenis GRC

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New GRC formed on Oct. 28, 2015, after SMRT announced new location in Singapore.


Singaporeans from all walks of life living in the east have been alerted that they will need to cast their ballots again soon.

This after an urgent by-election is likely to be called for the new Tampenis GRC that was formed on Oct. 28, 2015.

News of the new GRC was disseminated online via social media after SMRT announced that a train breakdown had caused services to be disrupted at Tampenis, a new location in Singapore that until this day had not existed.

Jit Tua Teow, a resident in the east, said she is delighted to be part of this new Tampenis GRC: “It’s an honour to be able to fill Tampenis up.”

“I’ll make sure that the incumbent has a strong hold on the whole of it.”

Another local said Tampenis GRC is a long time coming.

See Baey Tng, another local, said: “This is really the most appropriate time to call a by-erection.”