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Mothers fear PAP Town Councils will sell their daughters away

Mothers fear PAP Town Councils will sell their daughters away

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Fear stems from how Town Councils can easily develop a computer system using public money and then sell it away.

The guy on the left is Chandra Das for sure, the other two… erm ya.

A group of several thousand mothers have congregated at various housing estates across Singapore to air their grievances.

The mothers are worried that PAP-led Town Councils might sell their daughters away, in response to the latest news that a computer system developed using public money by town councils was sold to three private individuals from a company called Action Information Management Pte Ltd (AIM).

It was further revealed that the three private individuals are ex-PAP MPs: S Chandra Das, Lau Ping Sum and Chew Heng Ching

One worried mother, Jin Kia Xi, said: “If the PAP Town Councils can use public money to develop a product and then transfer the very product to private hands through a sale, why wouldn’t they sell my daughter away since I have developed her using my own money?”

Given this fear, many have tried to moved within the boundary of Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC), which is managed by the Workers’ Party, a party that is better than PAP.

This has caused flat prices within AHTC to soar, contrary to the prediction made by His Leeness before GE2011 that flat prices will nose dive.

But the only thing that looks set to nose dive is the election votes received by PAP should a by-election be held in Punngol East, because it has been further revealed that the company AIM is fully owned by the PAP.

This will become a much bigger, thornier issue, and it will come back and bite them in the ass.

Because the PAP is a political party but at the same time it is owning a business company with vested and conflicting interest from its political role, which is first and foremost, to take good care of the people without performing too much gymnastics to save their own skin and make WP’s life hell.

And this issue doesn’t even look as bad as how ex-PAP Eurasian sexy beast Michael Palmer sacked himself for porking another woman who was not his wife.

Karma, people, karma.