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One year on, SMRT bus drivers’ strike pays off

One year on, SMRT bus drivers’ strike pays off

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The salaries of SMRT bus drivers are slowly inching up.


Exactly one year after the historic strike by a group of SMRT bus drivers over a salary dispute, wages for this group of blue-collar workers are finally going up to a reasonable level.

As SMRT congratulates itself for implementing a new progressive career scheme this week for its drivers, Singaporeans from all walks of life who witnessed last year’s strike said there is a link between what happened then and the effects now.

Jia Ba Shi, a local said: “As easy as it is to overlook the strike and pretend that it has nothing to do with how wages are structured today, Singaporeans will never forget.”

Before this week’s increase that will see drivers finally humanly earn a grand total of $3,500 a month with overtime, SMRT tried to raise salaries by $25 previously.

Another possible measure brainstormed then was to replace bus drivers with NSFs.