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S’porean children lament the state of adults after witnessing Xiaxue-Gushcloud spat

S’porean children lament the state of adults after witnessing Xiaxue-Gushcloud spat

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They are shocked that adults can be so petty and useless.


Young children in Singapore from all walks of life, who are supposed to be raised properly by adults, have expressed their disappointment in adult Singaporeans.

This after the young ones witnessed first-hand the public spat between self-serving blogger Xiaxue and Gushcloud, a company that runs a sty of bloggers who would do things in exchange for money.

One five-year-old kid, Jiak Baey Tua, said he finds the behaviour of both Xiaxue and Gushcloud questionable, as he thought adults were supposed to be responsible, employable and to exercise better judgement overall: “You mean what these adults are doing actually constitute a form of gainful employment in Singapore?”

“Doing nothing but pursuing conspicuous lifestyle choices and engaging in superficial and vacuous pursuits like fashion and make-up can be a job?”

“You mean Lee Kuan Yew risked his life all those years ago to fight the Communists for this?”

The questions and critiques don’t end there.

Another six-year-old child, Boh Ka Xi, spoke out against the antics of such adults in Singapore, saying that witnessing the behaviour of Xiaxue and how New Economy companies like Gushcloud function make him fear growing up: “Whatever happened to being courteous, naturally curious, exercising due diligence, and ultimately, engaging in a vocation that will be of benefit to the larger society?”

“I think what worries me the most is that I will end up like them, or worse, have to live in a society occupied with people like this.”

“Satre did say, ‘Hell is other people’. And I think I know what he means already.”



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