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‘Takashimaya is a greedy pig’

‘Takashimaya is a greedy pig’

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Singaporeans angry as mall raises rental by more than 50%, causes Coca restaurant to close down.

Bye bye

Bye bye

Coca restaurant, one of Singapore’s most famous steamboat eateries, has closed down on Feb. 17 after 17 years of operation at the fourth floor of Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

The reason for shutting down?

According to the restaurant, they are not renewing its lease as rental is being increased by over 50 percent.

This has caused a lot of unhappiness among food-crazy Singaporeans.

And angry enough for them to dwell on what is wrong with Singapore’s rentier capitalism.

One angry Singaporean, Nina Beh, said: “Takashimaya is a greedy pig. They have deprived the population of steamboat.”

Although no one is heading to Hong Lim Park over this matter just yet, things might be coming to a head.

Another socialist-minded local, Bu Gong Ping, said: “Closing down a restaurant will only bring hardship to the workers. What have they done to deserve this? Why is it unacceptable for Takashimaya to just make slightly less profits?”