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S’poreans applaud netizens for bringing Brompton bikes case to court

S’poreans applaud netizens for bringing Brompton bikes case to court


This case proves that the Internet is not only good for porn.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who practise varying levels of interaction online have applauded netizens for their civic-mindedness.

This after netizens helped highlight the case where a National Parks Board (NParks) assistant director was suspected of biasing the procurement of 26 Brompton bicycles, which led to an investigation by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) last year.

The Brompton bike saga first surfaced on a popular local forum.

The case attracted a lot of attention on the Internet that led to the crowdsourcing of vigilantism.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “This case goes to show that the Internet is not only good for sharing porn. It can be used to demand justice.”

MinCRAP: $2,200 for a Brompton bike is cheap

MinCRAP: $2,200 for a Brompton bike is cheap

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Ministry of Corruption Reduction And Prevention issues statement defending Brompton bikes purchase by NParks officer.

A Brompton bike is a foldable bike that was supposedly bought for $2,200 each. What a rip-off.

The Ministry of Corruption Reduction And Prevention (MinCRAP) has issued a statement late Tuesday on the NParks officer who is suspended over the purchase of $57,200 worth of Brompton bikes, as a result of a “possibility of bias in the procurement” process.

Here is MinCRAP’s statement in full:

“The purchase of 26 Brompton bikes amounting to $57,200 has drawn the ire of everyone. But this purchase is to help officers on patrol in parks to increase their productivity.

With plenty of objections raised as to whether this amount spent is justified, we shall take a look at the facts to prove that the purchase is legit and desirable.

1) As NParks hires Singaporeans, we need to protect them and give them the best workplace benefits possible. They, therefore, cannot be made to toil under the hot sun by walking long distances. This will cause them to wither.

Imagine if officers walked in the park under the hot sun every day? They will not make it past retirement.

And if we hire foreigners to do the job, this will result in more objections.

2) And now, also imagine if 26 cars were bought instead of 26 bikes.

The cost will be in excess of $3 million, assuming a 1600cc entry level sedan car such as a Toyota Vios easily costs $60,000, plus an additional $60,000 for COE.

That’s $120,000 for one car.

Look, foldable bikes are ideal compared to cars as they do not encourage users to bring them to secluded parking lots at night and commit fellatio.

3) As Brompton bikes are highly foldable, they can be carried onto the MRT and brought from one destination to another.

This is highly convenient for NParks officers.

This is to ensure that officers can still cycle to their destination in the event the MRT breaks down, which happens quite regularly given that most of the trains’ bolts are unfastening under the strain of too many immigrants in Singapore.

Therefore, we kindly seek the public’s understanding regarding this matter and we appreciate if they do not challenge our officers to a race every time you see them cycling in the park.

Thank you.”