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Vikram Nair to receive a medal of bravery for risking his life

Vikram Nair to receive a medal of bravery for risking his life

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PAP MP to receive the highest military honour from SAF.


The Singapore Armed Forces has announced that it is awarding the medal of bravery to PAP MP Vikram Nair.

This comes after Vikram Nair was photographed by a nosy parker of a resident some time this week to have parked his Jaguar at a Woodlands car park that was clearly demarcated as a danger zone.


Vikram Nair’s actions of stopping his car under such dangerous circumstances and escaping unscathed, deeply impressed the Singapore Armed Forces.

Supreme General of the Army, Jin Seow Onn, said: “Such acts of valour will not go unnoticed. Vikram Nair risked his life, limbs and pussy magnet for Singapore and all Singaporeans. Plus, some foreigners.”

The medal of bravery is the highest military honour bestowed on the brave sons of Singapore who have served NS and subsequently done something to be proud of.

So it looks like Janil Puthucheary won’t be getting any medals anytime soon.

The last time the medal of bravery was handed out was in June 2012.

A 22-year-old NSF, who was robbed of his SAR 21 assault rifle at Pasir Labia camp by a robber armed with nothing but a screwdriver and a menacing face, was deemed to have done good.

By giving in without a fight. Or whimper.

The NSF’s superiors praised him then for his efforts in diffusing a potentially violent conflict that could have resulted in some blisters and abrasion.

Or World War III.