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Second Jollibee outlet gives boycott organisers another chance

Second Jollibee outlet gives boycott organisers another chance

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Abysmal attempt at first boycott tarnished Singaporeans’ brand name.


The Boycott Jollibee Singapore campaign started by anonymous Facebook organisers two weeks ago, has given Singaporeans in general a bad name.

This is because Jollibee Singapore has just announced plans to open a second outlet within the next few months.

This is following the success of the flagship restaurant opened here in mid-March to a lot of fanfare. This proves that the first boycott was nothing but an abject failure.

The original Facebook page calling for the boycott of Jollibee Singapore has also since closed down. This shows how some Singaporeans cannot even sustain a virtual entity.

This has caused people worldwide to believe that Singaporeans are unable to organise themselves properly around a given message.

Or are always tempted by food too easily.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “This failure at boycotting Jollibee has severe ramifications for Singaporeans. It shows the world we cannot commit to a cause.”

Others interviewed said the boycott failed because they were running out of places to eat.

Jiak Min Kia, a Singaporean patriot, said: “Gilbert Goh also ask people to boycott food places that employ foreigners. At this rate, there are very little things left to eat.”

“So if we want to be traitors of the cause, might as well pick the best tasting food place that is supposed to be boycotted and eat there, right?”