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Bitstrips killing novelty of Demon-cratic Singapore comic strip

Bitstrips killing novelty of Demon-cratic Singapore comic strip

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Singaporeans wonder if it was secretly funded by Singapore government to undermine Leslie Chew’s comic strip.





Singaporeans from all walks of life who have been creating marionette-looking avatars and posting them on Facebook, are wondering why Bitstrips suddenly became so popular.

One local, Jin Kah Tun, said: “I think the Singapore government might have funded the creation of Bitstrips. They want to undermine the novelty of Leslie Chew’s Demon-cratic Singapore comic strip.”

Demon-cratic Singapore is a comic strip by local cartoonist Leslie Chew.

He was arrested for possible sedition due to a complaint about his comic earlier in April this year.

His cartoon revolves around marionette-looking people saying stuff about things. He was subsequently let off scott-free as Singapore is a First World country with freedom of speech and stuff like that.

However, with the advent of Bitstrips, ordinary Singaporeans without talent are discovering that they too can create their own comics.

Meh Tian Chai, a Singaporean, said: “Now I can create my own cartoons, I can also be arrested for sedition.”