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S’poreans’ brains hurting from conflicting truths

S’poreans’ brains hurting from conflicting truths

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TURDS and DICKS from official sources causing pain and suffering to people.


Singaporeans from all walks of life are having a hard time as their brains are hurting from conflicting truths.

This after the Land Transport Authority is bitch-slapping SPH for posting an article alleging that the MRT network makes use of sub-standard wooden planks.

LTA has labelled the SPH article “inaccurate” and “irresponsible”.

This occurred a few days after The Singapore Army condemned the publicity stunt featuring fake NS men getting shouted at in the CBD on its Facebook page on Friday. It said it was ‘disappointed’ as it was not informed about it beforehand.

However, this statement is in conflict with the fact that SAFRA Radio and Cyberpioneer, both official media news channels for the Singapore Armed Forces, had been promoting the event on their Facebook pages on Friday.

Tao Jin Tia, a Singaporean Son, said: “Help my brain very pain! SAF say they weren’t informed but they clearly knew about it!”

“Now LTA scold SPH for writing false information!”

“Ng Eng Hen help me, I’m getting hit by TURDS (Threats Untruths Rumours Distortions and Smears) and DICKS (Disturbing Incriminations Crippling Knowledge Systems).”

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen had said on Saturday that DRUMS (Distortions, Rumours, Untruths, Misinformation and Smears) could spread far and wide from the Internet and even cause confusion and chaos in Singapore.

Singaporeans then pointed out that FARTS, TURDS, DICKS were also threats to national defence.