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‘Hair from their ears will cause my asthma attacks to worsen!’

‘Hair from their ears will cause my asthma attacks to worsen!’

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… among other reasons Singaporeans don’t want nursing homes built close to their houses.

Bishan residents give plenty of reasons for not building a nursing home on this patch of grass.

When it comes to objecting the building of nursing homes in residential estates, Singaporeans are a well-reasoned lot.

Since Sunday, when about 40 residents petitioned against the building of a home in Bishan Street 13 on what is now a football field, more reasons have been cited to go against the plan.

A Bishan resident who wanted to be known as Hay-Ku, thinks that elderly folks in his estate will be a health threat to people like him who suffer from asthma.

He said: “I’ve seen old people with hair in their ears. Imagine if all these hair gets blown about? Hair from their ears will cause my asthma attacks to worsen!”

Another Bishan resident, 40-year-old Ms. Siow Hoon Kee, believes the nursing home structure will be a deterrent to convenience.

She said: “I have to walk around the building to get to the mama shop to buy cigarettes.”

For 13-year-old Chao Pui Kia, the presence of old people will cause alterations to his diet.

The slightly rotund boy said: “Old people move slowly. They prevent the McDonald’s delivery guy from getting to my house and my food might get cold. And I will need to heat it up in the microwave. Which is quite far, because it is in the kitchen.”

Others like 65-year-old retiree, Chee Ko Peh, felt that certain changes need to be made before he is more accommodating to having a nursing home in his estate.

He said: “The nursing home nurses wear the nurse uniform, but it’s the pants version. I prefer to see them in the dress version. If have, I don’t mind selling my flat and moving into the nursing home!”

Some, though, are concerned that Bishan might be too accommodating to the elderly.

One resident who refused to be named, said: “Old people might not be able to see clearly. They might walk into the ponds in Bishan Park.”

He added: “And we really don’t need this kind of thing happening here, because there is already Bedok Reservoir for these sort of things.”