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God confirms Bishan MRT Circle Line blackout is short circuit, not apocalyptic warning

God confirms Bishan MRT Circle Line blackout is short circuit, not apocalyptic warning

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Be not alarmed, my children, He said.


In a bid to soothe the frayed nerves of His creation, God has confirmed that the blackout at Bishan MRT Circle Line on Saturday evening on April 4, 2015, is a power trip and not an apocalyptic warning many thought was issued by Him.

Wary of repeated warning signs signalling The End Times, Singaporeans were initially concerned if the blackout that occurred suddenly at the train station was an ominous message by The Alpha And Omega or just another one of those routine train faults that occur on a daily basis.

One commuter, Yeshu Aini, said she was reaching the train station when she was taken aback by the lack of illumination and swore she saw some angels descent from the second floor to the first: “But turns out those were the technicians who were wearing headlamps and rectifying the power trip, which I mistook to be halos.”

Not that there isn’t fire without smoke.

This blackout follows the Good Friday fire at JEM shopping mall in Jurong East, where the external walls were momentarily engulfed in a blaze, which many have taken to be yet another warning sign by God that he is going to destroy the place.

However, when asked about the latest JEM shopping mall fire, The Lord God Almighty was tight-lipped and refused to confirm or deny it was a sign sent by him, further fuelling speculation the time is about now.

The Maker of the Heavens and the Earth only said: “When it is time, it is time. Be not alarmed, my children.”

“For The Lord works in mysterious ways.”


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