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Convicted rapists get paid for clearing out prison toilet waste

Convicted rapists get paid for clearing out prison toilet waste

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In other news, late-night church-goers copulate, urinate on grounds.

Photo: NICOLAS NOVA / Creative Commons

SCOTLAND — Two of Scotland’s most notorious rapists each won £500 each of damages after claiming ­prison toilet conditions breached their human rights.

Between 2005 and 2007, the two convicted sex criminals had to queue to empty out chemical toilets containing their own waste in the presence of other inmates who were doing the same.

They had originally lodged claims for £10,000, claiming that the practice breached the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the test case was brought to the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Naturally, the public is outraged that taxpayers’ money is used to line the pockets of society’s worst offenders.

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Late-night church-goers copulate, urinate on grounds

Photo: Elliot Brown

UK — A 600-year-old parish church in Birmingham (UK) has become the favoured ground for sex.

And for answering the call of nature.

A regular group of up to 25 drunks congregate at the ancient holy ground of St Mary’s in Moseley and have sex in the churchyard.

Others gather among the graves and urinate there.

Their antics have frustrated residents in the area and the police have pledged to deal with the group by getting them access to treatment and dispersing others using anti-social behaviour orders.

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