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Is Conversations With PM Lee biased, partisan?

Is Conversations With PM Lee biased, partisan?

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We put this question to a vote. 5,000 readers responded.

On Sept. 14, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke to 50 people who represented men and women from all walks of life in Singapore in a television forum by Channel News Asia to get a feel of what is on people’s minds (besides dirty thoughts).

To get this 50 people in the same room, CNA had to drop a bunch of bloggers from the political fraternity.

Because political bloggers might be partisan and biased and ask tricky question on air that cannot be edited out due to live broadcast.

However, it has been discovered, by at least one hawk-eyed Interwebber, that the make-up of the 50 participants is not exactly unbiased or non-partisan:

This photo is stolen from Joshua Chiang. (http://www.facebook.com/joshuafly)

So we asked 5,000 readers: Is Conversation With PM Lee biased, partisan?

Here is how they voted, with the result presented in Channel News Asia style: