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S’poreans agree S’poreans got no compassion

S’poreans agree S’poreans got no compassion

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Singaporeans only know how to do small things to help people, don’t know how to help the galaxy, universe.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are ruthless and heartless, are nodding their heads in agreement after reading a BBC article by Charlotte Ashton saying Singapore is misery city.

Singaporeans said that they are convinced Singaporeans lack compassion as mentioned by BBC, and do not know how to make someone’s day.

One local, Jin Du Lan, said: “Ya, Singaporeans don’t know how to show care and concern for others one. Whole day only know how to donate liver to strangers they have never met. Why can’t they do more? Like donate all their organs when they are alive?”

Moreover, locals said Singaporeans doing things for fellow Singaporeans should be faulted because it is not going out of the way enough.

Another Singaporean, Bu Kai Xing, said: “Ya, Singaporeans no compassion, only do things out of convenience.”

“Like this chicken rice stall owner who give away free food for many years. Only know how to give more rice and chicken to NSFs.”

And that’s not all. Giving away free service for mankind is also faulted.

One other local, Fan Dui Dang, said: “Singaporeans are always so selfish, only know how to care for other people by fighting for their rights by becoming the only human rights lawyer in this country.”

And then there’s more. Others felt more should be done to be compassionate to the outcast in society.

Zhuo Jian Lao, another Singaporean, said: “Singaporeans whole day only know how to give people second chance, go prison already, still want to give chance.”

“You see like that where got compassionate? Real compassion means got no prison. Like in London, where BBC is based, where there are unicorns and lakes of chocolate, where every man of every creed hold hands and live in prosperous harmony.”