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S’poreans praise #BaeyForSerinaWee tribute post

S’poreans praise #BaeyForSerinaWee tribute post

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They say it is heartfelt, sincere and doesn’t look photoshopped.


Millions of Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in the Goddess of Nectar and All Things Divine, are clapping their hands and applauding loudly with approval, while wiping away tears of appreciation that have welled up in their eyes.

This after they saw the #BaeyForSerinaWee tribute post put up on social media in the wake of Serina Wee being sentenced to five years’ in prison after being found guilty.

One Singaporean, See Baey Swee, said: “This is the most heartfelt and sincere tribute to Serina Wee since putting her photo overlay on your Facebook display picture.”

“This is, in fact, even better than the #BaeyForParis tribute put up by MP Baey Yam Keng after the Paris terrorist attacks on Nov. 13, 2015.”

Other Singaporeans, who were full of praise, said the #BaeyForSerinaWee image is magical and conveys a sense of appreciation and thoughtfulness.

Pai Zhao, a local, said: “There is no doubt Baey Yam Keng took this photo while standing beside Serina Wee.”

“It doesn’t even look photoshopped at all.”

At press time, there is no #BaeyForKongHee tribute going around online at all.