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Backstreet Boys renamed Backstreet Uncles to abide by S’pore’s strict anti-false advertising laws

Backstreet Boys renamed Backstreet Uncles to abide by S’pore’s strict anti-false advertising laws

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They have to change their name before they are allowed to perform live here.


To avoid running afoul of the strict anti-false advertising laws in Singapore that could lead to a huge fine and public caning, American pop group Backstreet Boys were ordered to change their name to Backstreet Uncles before they could set foot here to perform live.

The pop group that used to leave adolescent girls moist with excitement will be performing at the The Star Theatre on May 2, 2015, in a bid to relive their pre-YouTube glory days.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who grew up listening to the group in their adolescent years, said the name change is appropriate as they themselves have grown old over the last 20-odd years.

Baey Hiao Bai, a Singaporean man in his 40s, said: “So old already still boys? Call yourself men, more girls will like. Backstreet Men sound so much better. ‘Boys’ sound so juvenile and uncool. And ‘boys’ are not tested by time. Weak and uninspiring.”

“Got this Singapore group called what, ‘Ah Boys To Men’? Even worse, not boys and not men. Weak and flaccid.”

However, not all fans were happy with the name change.

Lau Char Bor, one of the fans who grew up listening to Backstreet Uncles, said she would be outraged if anyone called her “auntie”: “This is not right. I would be so angry if anyone called me auntie. I might be 37 years old this year, but deep down inside, I am only 22 at most.”

“I am not shy telling people my real age. That’s why on my Tinder profile I always indicate I am 30.”

“Correct what, 30, 37, same.”


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