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AMARE: ‘Not giving benefits to NSmen same as closing down shopping centres to women’

AMARE: ‘Not giving benefits to NSmen same as closing down shopping centres to women’

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It is against human rights.


Local men’s rights group AMARE (Association of Men for Action and Reaction) has hit back against self-declared women’s rights association, AWARE.

This after AWARE said this past week that NSmen should not be given enhanced housing, healthcare and education benefits just because they have served National Service and many years of reservist training.

This stirred anger online because this is tantamount to denying men payback for two years of sacrifice.

Akshun Bayday, president of the men’s rights group, has since joined the discussion and said there is a need to explain things in a context women understand: “For women, we need to explain it this way: Stopping benefits for NSmen is akin to closing down shopping centres for women. How would women feel if they didn’t have the basic right of going to shopping centres because there weren’t any?”

The men’s rights leader also said there is no use pushing AWARE to advocate women taking up National Service if they really wanted equality.

Bayday said: “Think about it this way: If Singaporean men did not do National Service to protect the country in the first place, will there be so many shopping centres for women to go to?”

Amare informs Aware about lesbian Chanel ad in Straits Times

Amare informs Aware about lesbian Chanel ad in Straits Times

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Men’s advocacy group asks feminist women if this sort of display is okay.


In a bid to reach out to the left-wing, wishy-washy, liberal crowd, The Straits Times has published a full-page Chanel ad focused on lesbianism.

However, this has caught the attention of Amare (Association of Men for Action and Reaction), as they are unsure if this picture perpetrates violence against women or condones love between women.

And to bring attention to this underhanded, cheap but yet, sexually-arousing image, local men’s advocacy group, Amare has informed feminist organisation Aware about this lesbian chanel ad because they believe it will be of interest to them.

And hopefully get some clarification.

Akshun Bayday, president of the men’s rights group, said: “Is this love or is this violence? Is this progressive? Or is this a step back for women?”

“We would like to seek some clarification from Aware Singapore because they seem to have an opinion about everything.”

SlutWalk: a celebration of the right to be slutty even when you aren’t

SlutWalk: a celebration of the right to be slutty even when you aren’t

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An initial protest against rape victim blaming has somehow transformed into a movement for non-slutty women to walk out in their undies without fear of being called an eyesore.

It all started when Toronto policemen informed women attending a “personal security class” in York university that “women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.

What followed was an outraged protest against rape-victim-blaming in the form of the SlutWalk. SlutWalk, essentially, is a march celebrating the inner slut that apparent exists within all women. Characterised by hordes of women proudly painting the streets with their bodies clad in either slutty attire or, for the more conservative ones, a simple T-shirt with the word “SLUT” scrawled hastily, the slutwalk is an extension of women’s rights which now apparently encompasses a woman’s rights to look like a slut without shame or fear of being raped.

It’s happened in Toronto, Boston, London, New Delhi and one’s happening right here in Singapore in December.

Now fellas, before you start letting your imagination run wild with images of women dressed as porn stars flocking the streets, take a closer look at the picture above.

Plus-sized, ugly, plain, old – women come in all shapes and sizes. All these women who’re out on the streets protesting, clearly have a deep-seated fear of being raped.

Now there’s really no way to put this across sensitively –

a slut has to be hot or at the very least, sexually attractive. Miss wholesome, blonde and chubby with her chubby counterpart? Not sluts. As for this liberated woman wearing the BDSM-inspired bra-top? She looks like an insane hyena, not a slut. As a wide-circulated internet saying goes: “Do not stick your dick in crazy”.

A happily liberated woman

Merely showing some skin doesn’t automatically bump just any woman into the “slut” category. If there were any benchmark to follow – this would probably exemplify The Slut.

A Hawt slut

That’s Julia Roberts’ hooker character in the movie Pretty Woman. That’s The Hot Slut. And a whore at that since she gets paid for sleeping around.

So what’s a slut? A woman who sleeps around – yes. Who wears her sexual availability prominently – yes. Who is promiscuous – yes. An average slut would be your not-bad-looking-under-strobe-lights, promiscuous skank out at St James on a Saturday night looking for a one-night stand. Ugly sluts exist too, but they’re probably more difficult to come by. Men, as I gather, look for attractive women to have intercourse with.

So here’s my confusion with the basic philosophy behind ‘SlutWalk’.

It started off as an indignant protest against the policeman who told a bunch of university students with conventional and not scientific wisdom that dressing like sluts would make one more susceptible to rape.

Then it became a demand for women to be able to dress like sluts without public disaffection, thereby putting a whole new spin on the familiar insults “you shameless slut”.

Now as the SlutWalk Singapore chapter in Singapore has stated: it has become a protest against sexual assault + a protest for rape victims’ rights + a demand for respect.

To paraphrase the gist of the message now: “I demand to be respected as an independent female even as I dress like a whore.” A Slut Pride parade if you will.

Except that – if the photos plastered online were any indication – a fair bit of SlutWalkers don’t exactly qualify as sluts. So unless these wholesome voluptious women with no business showing their overflowing bits in a overly-tight bra top out in public HAVE actually been called a slut previously, their protest to be called a slut without shame makes no sense. Like a meat-eating person joining PETA.

To put it more crudely: Put on some better fitting clothes woman. No one’s calling you a slut. And while you’re at it, get some higher-cut jeans too, your ass crack is showing.

Furthermore, various angry feminists groups and hardworking researchers have shown that rapists in fact, don’t give a hoot about their victims’ getup at all. So a protest for the right to dress like a slut without the fear of being raped, makes no sense either. All women – skanky or not – have an equal chance of being raped.

So what will be the purpose of SlutWalkers when they take to the streets here in December? A demand to be sexually promiscuous without fear of being raped? A demand to wear sexual promiscuity prominently and be respected as a moral woman at the same time? A demand for skankily-clad virgins not to be looked upon as whores?

Going by the previous SlutWalks, it’s probably going to be an occasion for women to turn up in their undies without fear of being judged by their sexual un-attractiveness as they rally together in a common message: the right to be respected no matter what.