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S’pore’s economy doing so well Avalon club closes down

S’pore’s economy doing so well Avalon club closes down

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Singaporeans would rather spend their money elsewhere than at a club.


Avalon, the club that takes up one of two floating crystal pavilions at Marina Bay Sands, is closing down after two years of operations.

Singaporeans from all walks of life said they are not surprised about the closure as Singapore’s strong economic growth and increasingly wealthy citizenry is the main cause for the club’s decline.

Over the years, as Singaporeans got wealthier, they are putting their money elsewhere and finding different avenues to splurge, besides going to a club to spend.

Hen You Qian, a Singaporean said: “I spend all my money on my children’s tuition. And I also own a car. And I pay $6 ERP. So I got no money go club.”

As a result of locals parking their money elsewhere, Avalon could only attract the less wealthy foreigners and expatriates, who are PMETs that earn $12,000 or more a month.

Other locals, such as Peh An Peh, said: “I buy HDB flat put down payment already can go eat grass.”

“Avalon? Wait long long ah…”


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