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Chee Soon Juan trolls Attorney General’s Chambers

Chee Soon Juan trolls Attorney General’s Chambers

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He sold books at Raffles City Shopping Centre yesterday to get CapitaLand to admit area is, in fact, private property.

Chee Soon Juan autograph session. Photo stolen from SDP website. http://yoursdp.org/news/chee_stopped_from_selling_books/2012-09-18-5362

Chee Soon Juan went to Raffles City Shopping Centre yesterday. He brought a bunch of books with him to sell.

Soon enough, he was stopped by security personnel from the mall.

He was told to bugger off because he was apparently on PRIVATE PROPERTY belonging to CapitaLand.

Six years ago, on Sept. 10, 2006, six folks from the Singapore Democratic Party were charged with illegal assembly in a PUBLIC SPACE for distributing flyers in the exact same area between Raffles City Shopping Centre and City Hall MRT entrance.

They were found guilty and jailed for one week in default of a fine of $1,000 each.

Chee Soon Juan was one of them.

The Attorney General’s Chambers now has a hairy situation on their hands.

How we feel about this news:

Trolling in real life is like trolling on the Internet. But in 3D. Eat popcorn.

Attorney-General’s Chambers, Spring Singapore bought a lot of $600 chairs

Attorney-General’s Chambers, Spring Singapore bought a lot of $600 chairs

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However, they are good buys, says Shenton Way office workers.

Liang Kaixin, who is an emeritus senior reporter of Channel 8 news, has done some investigative journalistic snooping into the recent procurement of expensive office chairs by ministries and statutory boards — even though she is no longer really a reporter.

The ex-reporter, who has apparently moved on to greener pastures, found that the Attorney-General’s Chambers bought 200 expensive office chairs at $597 a piece on March 2012 and made it into a blog post, similar to what ex-SPH editor Bertha Henson would do:

Photo stolen from http://liangkaixin.wordpress.com

This news comes exactly one year after the Ministry of Manpower’s purchase of 472 office chairs amounting to $272,000 in March 2011 had caused a big brouhaha, with the public wailing with anger.

And the AGC and MOM are not the only ones as Kaixin also discovered that Spring Singapore bought 28 chairs at $650 each, totalling $18,200 in August this year:

Photo stolen from http://liangkaixin.wordpress.com

One office worker in Shenton Way that New Nation spoke to said she was aghast that her boss is a cheapskate for not buying such chairs to cradle her bums.

Da Pi Gu, a manager in her 30s, said: “No wonder… He probably doesn’t find me attractive anymore.”

However, one other satisfied expensive office chair user said ergonomically designed chairs provide comfort for the people working in the office.

Fang Cho Pi, a clerk, said: “The cushion helps to lower the volume when we fart. However, ergonomic doesn’t mean it helps in reducing the scent.”

Other office workers said $600 for an office chair is about right — as long as its ergonomic functions prevent workplace injuries.

Eff Wan Rei Sing, a 24-year-old accountant, said: “If not, there is no other way we know how to get to the pantry together.”