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S’pore govt to unban adultery website Ashley Madison in shock reversal

S’pore govt to unban adultery website Ashley Madison in shock reversal

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Instead of censorship, government will implement a $200 login tax for locals as a deterrence and set up an exclusion register.


After giving the decision some thought, the Singapore government has decided to unban adultery website Ashley Madison in what is a shock reversal of a decision.

Instead, measures will be put in place to counter any harmful effects.

An authorised spokesperson, Ting Wo Jiang, said: “Singaporeans and PRs who use the site will need to pay a $200 login tax. Foreigners are exempted as Singapore is only interested in protecting Singaporean values.”

However, to deal with any further criticism from citizens for allowing the site to go on, the government said it is planning on setting up counseling offices and hotlines to counter the side effects this site has, such as the erosion of family values in Singapore.

To leave no stone unturned, the government is also setting up an exclusion register to allow people to “exclude” their spouses from visiting Ashley Madison, even if it just to look see look see some pictures but never contact any one for sexy times.

Ting Wo Jiang said the reasoning is simple and clear as day: “This will potentially add more tax dollars to our government coffers inspired by similar policies implemented previously.”

“And the extra revenues can be used to lower transport costs and subsidise public transport or to finance car purchases for families who need a car to function properly in their day-to-day lives, hence, enhancing family values.”

“And it’s only fair.”





If The Messiah hacks Ashley Madison, 26,000 people will be in a quagmire

If The Messiah hacks Ashley Madison, 26,000 people will be in a quagmire

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All 26,000 supporters of Block Ashley Madison – Singapore Facebook page who crave uprightness will be so happy, yet confused.


To really wind up — but still win the support and approval of — the 26,000 supporters of recently-formed Block Ashley Madison – Singapore Facebook page, The Messiah would just need to hack the adultery website.

This will cause the anti-Ashley Madison camp to cheer because they will be happy they have someone to deal a blow on their behalf.

But at the same time, they will feel conflicted, because as righteous, conservative and morally upright people, they cannot condone hacking.

Yet, on the other hand, they will feel that this is an appropriate way to deal with that very thing that threatens their sense of security and fidelity.

However, it is wrong to hack because Lee Hsien Loong said it is not the right thing to do.

Nonetheless, it feels good because it is forbidden.

But deterrence shouldn’t be carried out in this way.

But it feels so good.

This is exactly how adultery feels like.





Only 26,000 out of 5 million people in S’pore are against adultery website Ashley Madison

Only 26,000 out of 5 million people in S’pore are against adultery website Ashley Madison

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Website arriving earlier than expected as outrage over it stems from tiny minority flabbergasted enough to join Facebook protest.


It is official: Ashley Madison is coming to Singapore.

The adultery website where married people can find sexy times with other married people has officially registered a Singapore domain name.

While rumours last month had it that Ashley Madison will only hit Singapore’s shores next year, it is now touted to be open for business earliest this month.

The swift arrival stems from the lack of outrage and protest over the website.

Self-styled political pundit, Eric de Yaya, said: “A Facebook page called ‘Block Ashley Madison – Singapore‘ has only attracted a 26,000-strong crowd. Considering Singapore has got 5 million people, this represents merely 0.5 percent of the population.”

“This shows that 99.5 percent of the population are mostly for or neutral about adultery.”

“Moreover, the lack of physical protests at Hong Lim Park is an indication that all is well.”





Those against adultery website are most likely to cheat on spouse

Those against adultery website are most likely to cheat on spouse

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Petitioning against Ashley Madison’s Singapore launch is a sure sign of guilty conscience.


Singaporeans from all walks of life with cheater bug tendencies said they are sympathetic towards those Singaporeans who oppose the launch of the Ashley Madison website here.

They said this is because those who are against the adultery website are most likely to cheat on their spouse.

Sng Char Bor, a local, said: “This is the same reason why many Singaporeans were against the building of casinos. Because the moment there is a place for gambling, those who know they will be addicted eventually become addicted.”

Other Singaporeans, however, not only said they understand why there will be those who object to Ashley Madison, they are also sympathetic to their opposition.

One Singaporean, Qu Ya Long, said: “Those who oppose Ashley Madison actually have a guilty conscience. They know that they will surely sign up for their services and commit adultery the moment it comes to Singapore. That’s why their reaction is so big now even before the website is coming here.”

“They already feel aroused knowing the fact that there is such a website.”

Ashley Madison is a website that allows married people to do a Michael Palmer.

A Facebook page was started last week to campaign against the launch of Ashley Madison, based solely on rumours that the adult website is planning to bring its operations to Singapore.

Called “Block Ashley Madison – Singapore“, the petition page has garnered more than 24,000 Likes.

This is about 16,000 more Likes than Family Minister Chan Chun Sing who spoke out strongly against the adultery website but not against Krispy Kreme doughnuts — even though both have a propensity to cause marriages to fail.


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Minister should tell Krispy Kreme they are not welcomed too

Minister should tell Krispy Kreme they are not welcomed too

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Doughnuts will cause diabetes, which will cause marriages to fail.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are conservative are thanking the Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing.

This after he came out strongly against adultery website Ashley Madison’s plan to launch in Singapore next year, saying in a Facebook post that he is “against any company or website that harms marriage.”

Ashley Madison is an online dating website that targets married individuals. It shouldn’t really bother you if you love your spouse, and vice versa.

However, Singaporeans say the minister should have gone one step further and tell Krispy Kreme they are not welcome here too, as they too have a propensity to harm marriages.

Hen Bao Shou, a local said: “Krispy Kreme sell sweet doughnuts that will cause people to have diabetes.”

“When someone in a relationship has diabetes, they might die. And when one person, or god forbid, the couple dies, the marriage will also be affected.”

“Because there will not be any marriage.”